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Channel 6 news | Clown sightings in Springfield!

For those who can’t tell or take a joke: This is fake and fictional. I thought it would be topical and funny. 

We sorry to interrupt your Tuesday and Halloween guides to bring you this urgent news presented by Channel 6 News 
After coming home to his son’s birthday Homer Simpson was attacked by a clown with a knife. He managed to take a photo under extreme levels of stress and panic:
Throughout the week local police had phone calls and evidence of more clown sightings around the town. One local lady watched as a creepy clown approached a young boy, later discovered to be Bart Simpson, and nearly punched him:
We managed to hack into the local police folder of ‘Found innocent’ and found a photo of the same clown robbing a local shop.
Local police managed to track down this clown, named Krusty, and many other clowns under suspicion:
Krusty has also been sentenced for false advertisement, police harassment and violence towards children.
Marge Simpson has set up a team of ladies to track down these scandrals. They call themselves the Springfield Committee against Clowns. Below is a famous artist’s (going by the name of Mr Matt Greoning) impression of a silent protest:
Local police are “searching” informed areas and keep having to keep “searching” Krusty burgers over suspicion of clown hangouts.

That is all we have time for today. Make sure to go to Tapped Out to see the local (much hated!) and animated weather show presented by Arnie Pye. My prediction – weather always sunny, until they bring night/weather mode. Keep you and your children safe
~ Kent Brockman

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  1. Very funny! I hope Marge’s committee rounds up all the scary clowns from Springfield 🙂

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