Yesterday EA gave us a little something to let our resting fingers tappa tappa tappa in wait of the “next big thing” and gave us a little Lunar New Year update to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
It is a small update, to fill the gap between the next thing EA has in store for us, with some items in store and a short questline for us to work our way through. Time to decorate for the Chinese New Year!

Being a baby blog site there is no point in doing loads of small posts about individual parts of updates (seperate should I buys, questlines etc) but I do like to do one BIG post with every info you should need about an update (tend to only do these for mini events and updates – major events get to big) so here is your All-In-One post for the Lunar New Year update …


This is where I will link the speculation post when it is published.


We don’t do full walkthroughs here but find a walkthrough of the gameplay HERE but it is 3 parts of gameplay that consists of using the Simpsons family (and Ned for one part) and then on the 28th of January 3 more parts of gameplay unlock and SMALL SPOILER on the 31st of January you will unlock a special decoration.


Chinese Lantern – 5000

Quick Review: It’s a decoration so mainly personal choice but they’re freemium so pick up as many as you can and want. I’m decorating my town with these lanterns to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Chinese Junk – 75

Quick Review: Not the biggest fan of this one and will personally be passing but if you are a fan of ships, water items or the Chinese design then you might want to pick it up. No payout, No questline, No tasks but 2.5% bonus on all cash and XP.

Giant Takeout Box – 50

Quick Review: Love this item and I don’t know why. Fun decoration that will forever be my inspiration and decision decider. Everytime you tap it you get 1 out of 22 fortunes in the form of a dialogue bubble (..thing😛). These include Watch your step, You learn from your mistakes, You will learn a lot today, The fortune you seek is in another cookie and 18 more. Consider this purchase if you have many more donuts for whatever is coming next.

Giant Wall – 60

Quick Review: I like this item. Pick it up if you have the donuts. On ‘How it Works’ go to Giant Wall information😃

Giant Dragon Bundle – 100

Quick Review: 3 enormously tall dragons that cry rainbows when tapped. Great for some designs (might stitch together some of TOuk’s great dragon placements later) including Chinese buildings but for a steep price you might want to pass if the donuts are tight. Conclusion: Meh


When you spend the 60 donuts you will get a main tower and two walls (one wonky one way and the other wonky the other). When you place the main tower you can tap it and you will get this:

You can spend 10000 in-game cash to get another tower (doesn’t have a flag) – 24hrs wait – or spend 2000 in-game cash to generate a wall (wonky either way) – with a 3hr wait for it to generate. You can only make one part at a time.

Well I hope you enjoyed that post – took me a while to compile. With the update a small one I think we can call this segment downtime so look out for some speculation about what’s to come and Happy Tapping to all …

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