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Chris Ledesma talks Simpsons popularity and 30 year milestone!

Hello guys and welcome to a post I announce with such excitement. Remember when I got to send question to THE Harry Shearer? It was such an honour and when I decided to randomly ask if I could send questions to THE Chris Ledesma, I never thought he would actually say yes. Chris has edited and work with the music for the show for EVERY episode of the Simpsons. Just let that sink in!

Chris has a really good blog which he links throughout his answers and I’ve defintaly enjoyed reading about his journey through the blog. The day came when I read his post about the recent 30 year milestone and randomly had a thought to ask him if I can ask him questions. I didn’t ask think he would say yes and actually send me his responses.

I hope you enjoy his responses …

Clarification: My questions are in bold whist his answers are in plain text 

So The Simpsons has recently hit it’s 30th anniversary from the Tracy Ullman Show, in 1 sentence sum up your entire journey through the show?

One sentence: The greatest professional journey no one could have ever predicted.


From the beginning of the first season, did you know it would last this long? Did you have any idea how popular it would become?

No one knew how popular it would be. Of course, there was a built-in fan base at the start. People loved The Simpsons from the Tracey Ullman Show which is why FOX spun it off into a series. But, as William Goldman famously said, “No one knows ANYTHING.”


You have edited music for the show for EVERY epi

sode. How much direction do you get with your job for the show?

Yes, every episode. It’s a big collaboration between Alf Clausen, Al Jean (or whoever was running the show at different times during our run), the writers, the animators. I get lots of direction, but I also get to pitch musical ideas and sometimes they make it into the show, sometimes not.


When did you know that you wanted to work with music? How did you get the job in the end?

I knew I wanted to be in music for the rest of my life around the age of eight when I idolized trumpet player and band leader, Herb Alpert. My most recent blog post has links near the end of the post that take you to the posts that tell the story of how I got the job


Do you have a favourite Simpsons episode?

Too many episodes to narrow it down to one favorite, but I really like BART SELLS HIS SOUL.


What is your favourite original song from The Simpsons?

What do you know? There’s a blog post about my TEN favorite songs on The Simpsons!


Why do you think some songs from the Simpsons have become so iconic?

The songs are hummable, catchy, not goofy (the musical styles are respected and not made fun of), have very clever lyrics, and are beautifully produced.


Do you play TSTO or have had any experience working behind the scenes of it?

I am not involved with TSTO production and have not had time to get into playing it. Sorry.


Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer these questions and for the amazing work you do behind the scenes of the show

You can find Chris’ blog HERE

Mr Ledesma, if you are reading this then I am so grateful that I got to ask you questions and I thank you for putting your time, effort and commitment into every episode – it pays off and shows through in each episode.

With Harry Shearer and Chris Ledesma interviewed – who would you like to see answering questions for TOuk Blog? Who knows who I can get through to next. Have a great day everyone and Happy Tapping!


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Look out for a Top 10 Simpsons songs coming SOON to TOuk Blog

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  1. Sandra Shill

    May 6, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I love these interviews! Thanks for scoring this one for us (pun intended 😉 )!

  2. Great interview, Sam! Keep them coming. 🙂

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