Howdy partner! We are heading west as our pocket sized towns take on a cowboy theme for a cowboy event! The update is live on IOS, android and Kindle now so what are you waiting for download it! It is a game store update so you have to go to your devices play store and find the tapped out update!

Loads of people have said that the update isn’t coming up as an update in the update icon but if you search for tapped out then you will see a new tapped out version! Download it!

Then once you’ve download it you are free to play! It will start with a Lisa 6s task and a few FREE building and some more 6s tasks which I will go into more detail later! In the update you will start to notice some new things (I will update it a the day goes on):

What’s new with the new event?

The first thing you will notice is the new splashscreen and icon


You will also notice that you can get dirt and dirt roads for FREE! You can also place loads of things on dirt!

I will update this throughout the event!

I suggest making a big Western area so that as new buildings and decorations come you can add them here easily

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