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Design a Character 2016 (EXTENDED) Reminder!

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This is just a really quick post to remind you of a fun competition we launched a while back. All Details Can Be Found On The Original Post

But basically, Design any character to feature in a Fan Fiction.

Prize: First winner wins a Simpsonized version of there character and there character mentioned in an upcoming Fan Fiction


Need a bit of help? Part of the Fan Fiction is set at Comic Con so a character that could be seen at Comic Con might have a higher chance of winning. Comic con ideas are endless? Are they a made-up actor? A comic boom creator doing signings? A hectic director? The stressed organiser of the Comic Con?.. The list goes on! But it can be any character.

All you have to do is tell us their name, occupation, gender, appearance and any other details in the comments below on this post or the original post.

The date has now been extended until 30th September and the winner will probably be announced the week(s) after.

Something I didn’t highlight enough in the original post is that …

The Fan Fiction could take months, I am very busy at the moment and writing is hard. The Fan Fiction length is unknown at the moment – will probaly not be a novel but steering towards a short story in the form of an eBook.

So, please submit your submissions before the 30th SeptemberHappy Tapping …


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  1. Have u got my character sam

  2. Sorry Sam. I was doing one, then I got distracted, then I forgot 🙁 On it 🙂

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