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Design Help: 3D summer house


Welcome to the first Cookie Kwan’s Design Help post. In this post we are going to go through, step by step, on how to make your own mansion area using the d’amico summer home, some random items from previous events and because it’s cookie: some Springfield heights items.

What you will need:

·         1 tennis court or volleyball court

·         A lot of large hedges (I think I used 52 large hedges)

·         4 small hedges

·         1 smart car (I used a springield heights car but any posh car will do)

·         The shining maze or any feature you want to put on show (a homemade water display or maze)

·         Posh gate (found in springfield heights store)

·         4 benches

·         1 pool (unlocked with the Martha Quimby quest) or exotic pond(found in Springfield heights section)

For the summer house design I brought 4 pieces of land – I know expensive but It looks great!

1)      First I put 4 pavement pieces in a square at the bottom of land, above the road and then put large hedges at the edges of the pavement (not on the pavement – shown below)


2) Then put another column of large hedges – 2 mini squares from the right hand edge of large hedges. Then add a car into the gap.


3) Add two benches at the end of the pavement


4) Add two more benches, two spaces up and one space left, so that it creates a stair effect


5) Add the summer house so that the driveway matches up with the stairs


6) Add hedges bordering the summer house (shown in the picture below)


7)Add another layer of hedges to add to the stair to the summer house and then add small hedges to align the corner up of the 3D hill (shown in the picture below)


Adding the 3d effect


8) Add the shining maze, your homemade maze or fountain with bordering hedges


9) Add hedges to match up the maze, or other feature, to the house leaving a space next to the house


10) Add the tennis court (if you were lucky enough to grab one whilst they were still around) in the gap or add the volleyball court (found in the decorations section)


11) Add the pool or exotic pond in the place shown in the picture below


12)Border the pool with large hedges and a small hedge in the top left hand corner (IMPORTANT – Don’t use a large hedge in the top left corner otherwise it will meet up with the top layer of stairs, messing up the 3D effect!)


13)Add a rectangle of large hedges to meet up the pool and the little car park making a big square gap (make sure you leave an entrance gap)


14) Add a fountain or any other water feature in the centre of the square (add a sprinkle of some flowers in this area too)


Now you should have a finished, elegant, summer house.


Add features to make it your own and apply different styles to fit your Springfield.

I then added to my mansion and this is my creation:

Did you like the first Cookie Kwan Tutorial? Do you like the design and did you add anything to it? Make sure to show us your design in the comments as we love hearing from you and viewing you Springfield creations. Happy tapping!!!

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  1. I really like the hedge carport idea!

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