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Design Help: Make an airport


I got a lot of positive feedback about Cookie Kwans Design Help so here she is again helping you to design your Springfield…

Ever wanted to feature your own airport in your Springfield? I love the game and ever since I got it I have loved designing my town and adding new features. Ever since the start of Tapped Out I have wanted for EA to release an airport for my Springfield but after a long wait I decided to make my own custom airport. In this post I will go through, step by step, on how I made my airport!

What you will need:
1 plane (I used the spruce moose from the casino event)
2 modern mansions (Springfield Height Items)
1 car (I used the Chalmers 1979_onda)
9 barriers (found in the wall section)
1 business centre (another SH items) or channel 6 centre
5 parking lots
10 pylons
Any amount of parking metres
2 gas pumps
Any amount of barbed wire fences to surround your area

Optional Items:
Modern mansion extensions (the items you get once you upgrade it)
Worldwide Broadcast Dish
1 ZIFF helicopter

How to make the airport:
I brought a lot of land and filled it with pavement and surrounded it with barbed wire fences.


Add roads in your own custom way, leading from main Springfield into your airport. Below is the road pattern for my airport:


Then put a horizontal row of pylons down the gap


Make a mini gas station using:
2 gas pumps
1 car
3 barriers


Place a modern mansion below the gas station and put two parking lots below that.


Make a helicopter section with your helicopter and 3 barriers


Add three parking lots next to the helicopter section


Add the business centre/channel 6 centre above the parking lots and remove any pylons that stop you from placing the centre.


Add the modern mansion to the left of the centre and put the plane (spruce moose) in front of the modern mansion with three barriers, spaced out, in front of it


Add a sprinkle of parking metres around the airport (OPTIONAL: add the worldwide broadcast dish and add any optional modern mansion extensions.

You should know have an airport for your Springfield:


Tip from Lee
You can use a lot of the space items you guys received from the deep space Homer event and if you got the chance to get up, up and buffet then that fits in really nicely with the airport!

So did you enjoy this tutorial? Did you decide to make it and did you change anything? Sound off in the comments and make sure to comment your design as we love hearing from you!

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  1. That’s fine! Did you see the post update is it OK?

  2. Good explanation Sam, one thing you didn’t mention…a lot of people use the “up, up and buffet” as it is a jet plane, with various buildings around it. Also a lot of people are adding their space stuff to their airport with the space shuttle and rocket launch pad, also the Krustyland shuttle bus stop could be positioned at the airport along with a Monorail stop as airports are usually well served by public transport 🙂

  3. simpsons rules

    April 16, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Great tips

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