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DOES Lisa become President? Or is it just motivation?

You are starring at the title thinking What the heck? Right? Well you won’t be confused for long. 

Future episodes have been marked as non-canon but most episodes agree with each other giving us “facts” about what characters are going to be in the future. In the post explore the origins of Mooch Bart and President Lisa in a ramble to solve the question DOES Lisa become president? Or is it just motivation? Read on …


Mooch Bart and President Lisa come from Bart to the Future a future episode that got a mixture of opinions.

The story is about Pow Wow telling Bart his future in a way to motivate him after Bart tries under aged gambling. The question we try and solve in this post/ramble is Is the future that Pow Wow told Bart lies or truth? 

To solve a question you need to cross check references, so in this case I re-watched all the future episodes and I compiled a list of facts that occur throughout them to what happens to Bart and Lisa in the future.

  • Bart is a Mooch
  • Every future episode shows that Bart is a bit of a couch potato. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t try but he acts a bit like Homer
  • Episodes that prove this: all future episodes

  • Bart is a dad, and married (then broke up) with Jenda
  • Most future episodes show or mention Bart being a dad to two children. Jenda is then shown married or broken up to Bart
  • Episodes that prove this: Future-Drama, Holidays of Future Passed, Days of Future Future

  • Lisa is successful
  • Many episodes show Lisa staying smart as an adult whether it’s going to Yale or out witting people
  • Episodes that prove this: Future-Drama, Barthood

In the future shown in Bart to the future it states that Bart is a Mooch (check ✔ – fits the facts) living with Ralph, and Lisa is a president(?).

President Lisa and Mooch Bart both come from this episode that don @ minifie-1 on IMBD sums up with:

An Indian casino manager tells Bart what his future will be in thirty years’ time. Whilst Lisa is the American president, Bart is a bum and wannabe musician, hanging out in a beach shack with Ralph Wiggum. Ever envious of Lisa, he causes her unpopularity by revealing that she is about to impose a new tax, but uses his slacker skills to stall matters long enough until she can push it through.

Let me break down why this future is most likely a lie, motivation:

In Bart to the Future, Bart shows no signs of being married or having kids and because we know that it is a fact this is weird. But Bart to the Future could be set before all the other future episodes which explains why Bart shows no signs of being married or having children.

This doesn’t make sense though! If we have to presume that this future is set before the other ones (to make the Bart situation make sense) then surely Lisa and other town members would remember, or show signs, or her last Presidency. Did something happen from Lisa a being a president to being a nobody, but successful? It isn’t explained and doesn’t make sense.

I know a few of you are confused so here is my final verdict:

Final Verdict: Pow Wow made up this future where Lisa is way more successful then Bart (an exaggeration – Lisa becoming President) as a motivation for Bart not to become that.

We know that Homer has run in with Pow Wow before the Bart talk because Homer signed his name so could Homer have had a chat with him to try and motivate Bart to live a better future? Only one piece of evidence, the rest is speculation!

Simple evidence: The future that Pow Wow says just doesn’t fit in the non-canon future timeline. It doesn’t cross-check with other episodes 😄

Does that make sense? Tell me in the comments if it doesn’t.

There we have it. I like digging through plots, searching for holes – it’s how this post came along so I enjoyed writing this post. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Now you know where the characters come from and a deep analysis of the episode.

Sound off in the comments about what YOU think! Am I otherthinking this? Did you find this post interesting? Want to know your future? What would you do if you were a Mooch and a sibling was the President? Tell us … Happy tapping!


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1 Comment

  1. Great post Sam 🙂

    I think in a programme where no-one has aged in 28 years the importance of the reality of the plotlines is pretty low. However it’s really interesting how the future characters may all have different timelines depending on which episode you start from. How many multiverses could there be?

    I would love to hear my future … let me know the details ASAP! 😛

    I wouldn’t be the mooch in my family, I wouldn’t be the President either though. My youngest sister is most likely to be President/Prime Minister and I would love it as we pretty much agree on everything 🙂

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