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Dunceman First Class

We have another installment of The adventures of Dunceman written by the SMRT Dunceman and his sidekick BigPhil! Enjoy and give comments below …

Hello again and welcome to the further adventures of Dunceman, the zero hero.
We left Dunceman (and me by default, unfortunately) about to travel across the city to confront the master criminal and evil genius Dr Knowledge. Having battled to open the door from the Duncecave and adjusted his Duncecap so he could see where he was going , Dunceman prepared to leave.

BP “Please don’t do this, it’s silly , there are no crimes going on at that school”
DM “Nonsense, that’s not a school , it’s Dr Knowledge’s secret underground lair. Where he re-educates the smartlings so that they will do his evil work for him”
BP “No , it’s just a school and the children go there to learn”
DM “A-ha ! So I’m right , I told you so”
With that Dunceman got into the Duncemobile and fired up its jet powered Duncemotor.
BP “Oh no , surely you aren’t going to ride that bicycle , it’s miles away and there’s loads of hills too”
DM “Stop whining and get in smartypants”
With that , Dunceman pedalled down road and headed for Dr Knowledge’s lair. As he approached, hours later, having got lost several times , he could see the smartlings running around in a yard outside Dr Knowledge’s lair. He watched , trying to catch sight of Dr Knowledge.
DM “Where are you , come on show yourself, there he is!” He pointed
BP “But that’s just Mr Brown , the science teacher, he taught me here when I was a kid”
DM “No it’s not , it’s Dr Knowledge . I’m going to confront him with his evil doing”
BP “Oh please don’t , this is so embarrassing “
Dunceman bounded forward and ran up to Dr Knowledge
DM “Right Dr Knowledge , I know all about your plans to re-educate these smartlings so they carry out your evil plan”
MR Brown “Oh hello BigPhil , how nice to see you , what are you doing here?”
DM “I’m going to stop you from making these smartlings your followers”
Mr Brown “ Yes , it is nearly time for the kids to leave , I’ll ring the bell and they can go home for today”
DM “Let the smartlings go Dr Knowledge and no one need get hurt”
Mr Brown “Oh you were just passing and popped in to say hello, how nice , but any way I must get on BigPhil”
With that Mr Brown rang the school bell and the kids all left, shouting and running, happy that the school day was over.
DM “Ha , foiled your evil plans again Dr Knowledge , now begone and don’t come back. Look smartypants , he’s fleeing in his Knowledgemachine, I ‘ve beaten him again”
BP “Well actually no , the kids have gone home and so has he, in his beat up old Beetle , gosh how long has he had that now?”
DM “ I have triumphed again in my battle against the dark forces of education”
BP “Oh please , do give it a rest”
DM “I hear there’s trouble over the over side of the city and I detect the hand of The Librarian , that evil genius”
BP “Oh no , here we go again”
What is the evil plan of the master criminal , known as The Librarian ? Will Dunceman be able to foil his evil plan? Will Dunceman even be able to find his way home on that bicycle?
Join us next time as we continue the adventures of Dunceman, the zero hero.



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  1. Had me in stitches! So funny. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  2. Simpsons rule

    June 1, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    This dunceman story are funny and great can not wait for next one also go on tapped out pls and ask all people who got kindle fire that got the update I know it on android but no kindle also did change your ea name

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