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End of glitchfest … Thank you EA

EA recently released a patch which fixed a lot of issues and changes which we made with the very recent Halloween app store update. All events come with the glitches (rare, many, big and small) and this one was no exception. A lot of people were really annoyed by some glitches. EA heard the cry so hre is what they just fixed:

The Monster not spawning glitch was solved – the issue was the timer keep resetting when hard closing but that has been patched! Yeah!

Beach Hideaway % multiplier went back to normal – the Beach Hideaway multiplier was changed, naughtily, with the app store update but EA have reverted it back to 20% for all pieces place. Due to the constant yells of annoyed people

They were the main changes but if there are any more then please tell me.

Minor Changes  involve a few changes to content and tasks to content to come in the future and a slight change in Filmmaker Lisa’s unlock screen. Apart from that … Nothing new.

They have yet to change the sleep timer but that wasn’t a glitch – this was done on purpose but a lot are complaining. I have never experienced it actually so I don’t care 😃

Kindle users outside of the US: I see no progress in the app store update. Really sorry! Hang on tight. No idea with what is happening. Somebody tell me when it comes

The glitches didn’t effect me but it did effect some at TOuk. I know it affected and infuriated many so thank you very much EA. This looks like a really fun event that would have taken so much time and effort to make, there will be mistakes and glitches but sometimes we need to focus on the bright side. It’s a free game! From me (blogs.tapped-out.co.uk), friends at TOuk and many … Thank you EA 😃

I hope everyone enjoys the event now that some common glitches have been fixed. Happy tapping …

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