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Episode by Episode: Monty Burns Fleeing Circus

It’s been promoted in our games with a premiere tie-in, it’s had it’s own countdown on Twitter and Facebook and it finally arrived recently. Monty Burns Fleeing Circus premiered on the 25th of September. What was it about? Was it good? Did it clash/work with the tie-in? Read on for a review and overview …

The FOX episode synopsis:

“When Springfield is burned to the ground, the Simpsons beg Mr. Burns to fund its rebuilding. Burns agrees – with one condition: he gets to put on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl.”


The episode starts with a great Adventure Time couch gag, probably a highlight of the episode, and we start with seeing the town go crazy when they see the Lard Lad statue missing – connection to the tie-in

Robert Chang and a nonspeaking appearance from Lard Laird reveal the new statue. I really wish Lard Laird had at least one line – a funny line like Abe chips in with.


The revealed statue – one seen in the game – sets fire to the town and totally destroys it!

screenshot_2016-09-26-21-10-34 screenshot_2016-09-26-21-11-54

This is all we see for the Lard Lad part of the episode. That’s less than five minutes of the episode on a side-plot that it highlighted a lot in this Lard Lad heavy tie-in.

Nice little cameo

Nice little cameo

The family decide to visit Mr Burns to see if he can help. Marge makes a few suggestions and mentions the Springfield Bowl – and this is where the flashbacks start. A brief, few seconds shot of the young Mr Burns at the Springfield Bowl.


This flashback triggers an urge for Mr Burns to put on a show to celebrate the “talent” of Springfield. Seems like a random transition but some of the most classic episodes have some of the weirdly funny and random plots.


Skip to auditions and we Crazy Cat Lady sing opera in a scene that I found really funny – so why isn’t that in the game? More on that later!


Another flashback occurs as we see Mrs Burns wishing the young Mr Burns luck as he is about to go on stage. Lick if you like


I think Amy Schumer does a nice job of Mrs Burns and I hope the character returns, even as a cameo, in future flashbacks.

Mr Burns then heads to the school to find some talent and recruits Lisa who is secretly eager to fins out Mr Burn’s past.

Scene change to a scene of the Nuclear Plant. Really liked this scene:


Then back to the Bowl as rehearsals are taking place and it isn’t going that well. Now for a tad of a rant to EA:

The performances that we get at the Bowl in TSTO, except for the Mr Burns one, are just recycles of exactly the same animations as the character already has. Pretty boring! I like the Open Air Stage because it does include some already included animations but it has some totally unique performances (eg. B Sharps, Skinner Sisters) and this episode is filled with loads of funny talents that you could have included for the bowl. So why not?

List of performances I would have liked to see: Crazy Cat Lady singing opera, Ralph’s Spaghetti Show and a few more – that I will mention later as they appear later in the episode.

Back to the episode! When the rehearsals are taking place, Lisa triggers another flashback for Burns. We see Burns go on stage and get laughed at. A kind off dry way to explain why Burns is so evil.

Lisa explaining that being shot into a cannon is impossible makes Burns close the show. More performances I would have liked to see for the Bowl: Skinner’s School Showoff and Jimbo’s balancing act.


Lisa then goes to Burn’s Mansion to apologise and after Smithers shows her to some old fashioned flip video (fancy name, can’t remember) she get’s it.


The flip video shows Mr Burns pants falling down when performing which explains his dark side for pleasure and laughter – the explanation is as bare as Mr Burn’s bottom!

Because Marge challenged Homer to be the responsible Safety one at the plant Homer stops the party and tries to get people to be more responsible.

The Springfield Bowl show has started which displays more performances that would have been great for the Bowl (The Twin magic, Rodd and Todd holy teachings, Nelson and the sock). The fireworks, unexpectedly from a Plant meltdown, replace Burn’s finale but Burn’s is committed to end the show with a BANG!


He enters the stage, starts singing but the big blare of the spotlight sends him crashing into some lights making him set a fire and his pants fall down. Everyone then suddenly had left though – random and a part that I didn’t get.

The episode ends with Lida playing her saxophone to drown Mr Burn’s sorrows.

Overall Verdict: this was a fast-paced episode that seemed a bit random at places. Some jokes were dry or recycled from previous episodes. I really liked the concept, the fact of seeing game items in this episode, the hidden talents, the Adventure Time couch gag and bearing in mind I was watching this episode comparing it to a hated Season 27 premiere, I am going to give this episode a ….



2/5 sam stars – a sour start to the season

Next Episode: Friends and Family

Mr. Burns hires the Simpsons to play his live-in virtual reality family, but excludes Homer so that he may play dad. Now alone, Homer finds a new best friend in girl-next-door Julia, who eats, drinks and thinks like him.

we will be back same time, same place to review and overview that episode that airs this week Sunday (2cd October)

So that is my overview and review of the episode. But I really want to hear what you have to say! Tell us below what you thought of the episode. What were your favourite jokes/moments? Flop or Hot to kick-start the Season?

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  1. Can’t wait to see the new season…. The Simpsons are the Best!! (Y)

  2. Loved the Adventure Time couch gag and Crazy Cat Lady singing, what a voice … who’d of thought.

    Although I didn’t think it was great, I still enjoyed it … it’s The Simpsons 😀

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