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Episode Overview: Marge VS the monorail

All aboard the ‘episode overview’ monorail. Destination ‘Marge VS the monorail’ recap. Please fasten your seat-belts for a 150mph detailed walkthrough of one of the best Simpsons episodes ever. Filled with monorail origins and Simpsons humour. Please refrain from eating, enjoy your ride …

The episode starts with a Flintstones spinoff with Homer rushing home and singing a Simpsons version of the Flintstones theme. Mr Burns dumps another barrel of toxic waste into trees before getting caught by the EBA (environmental protection agency) and getting sent to court and gets fined $3 million. He instantly pays the fine with a stash of wonga and gets to take the statue of justice too.

There is a town meeting announced to decide how to spend Mr Burn’s money. Lisa wants to us it for educational uses – VR in class. Bart wants to create mechanical ants, seen in the original monorail event, to threaten Skinner whereas Marge wants something that “the whole city can be proud of”.

At the meeting there are suggestions from Maude, Mr Snrub – Mr Burns in obvious disguise, and Apu. Then Marge explains the terrible condition main street it is, Grandpa Simpson gets misinterpreted and everyone cheers for the Main street idea and then a whistle is heard …Screenshot_2016-07-28-21-38-30

Lyle Lanley appears at the back of the hall cracking the town up and introducing himself. He comes with “an idea, probably the greatest …” before explaining that it is probably more of a Shelbyville idea making Mayor Quimby annoyed and wanting to hear this idea to vote on it.


Lyle Lanley shows us the idea by lifting a cover of a monorail diaroma with a huge gasp and a break into the popular Monorail Song:

Marge is still unheard but Springfield chooses Monorail as the idea.

Lyle Lanley then goes into school wanting to answer any questions that the children have – by the way: to correct Lyle, Superman is NOT faster then The Flash! Then after an advertisement for Truckasaurus The Movie there is an advert for an opening of a Monorail Conductor.


Homer instantly wants to become a conductor after being persuaded, goes to a meeting and gets quizzed by Bart.

The construction of the monorail and Barney Gumble directs the crane carrying the monorail shuttle before getting distracted making the crane drop the shuttle. At another meeting, we are told …


which concludes the intensive three month course and Homer is announced to be the conductor before Lyle leaves.

Homer shows his family round the shuttle and after Marge isn’t impressed by a family of posums living in a part, she goes to talk to Mr Lanley. But he doesn’t answer the door so Marge goes in finding a notebook with Lyle’s evil plan:


Marge leaves with Lyle believing that she saw nothing.


Marge then drives to North Haverbrook to see what happened and after a brief talk to a scared lady at the Monorail Cafe.


She meets Sebastian Cobb who heared Marge wanting to hear about the monorail. He explains that Lyle cut corners and shows Marge what is left of one of the worst trains built.


All that Springfield can do is “have a dam good conductor”.

Skip to the grand opening of the monorail where we see the Monorail Station and plenty of Springfield celebritys. Mr Leonard Lemoy opens the monorail with a short sentence and a confusion about who he is.


Lyle Lanley rushes off and Homer is left to conduct with gears falling off and a faulty engine.Screenshot_2016-07-28-22-02-11

Marge and Sebastian are late due to Sebastian getting a haircut. All seems fine until the monorail falls into super speed of 180 mph.

After an argument between Quimby and Wiggum, the monorail briefly stops at a solar eclipse because the monorail is solar powered. That is quickly gone and the monorail is whizzing round Springfield … again!


Lyle Lanley is then attacked by an angry mob of North Haverbrook citizens and then back at Springfield, Homer and the people aboard are panicking and Marge shouts up with one of my favourite dialogue ever …


Sebastion Cobb as an idea of finding an anchor of some sort, using a lasso and a letter from a sign, to drag along the road passing shops and knocking down Springfield’s Largest tree. The anchor eventually holds onto a giant donut from a donut store and stops the monorail – Whoo Hoo!


“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”

Homer is a hero and saved the day! And the episode pans out with a narration from Marge and the appearance of the popstickle stick skyscraper, 50 foot magnifying glass and the escalator to nowhere



So there is the recap of one of my favourite episodes to remind you of the origins and fun behind the monorail in our mini towns. What was your favourite funny quote from this episode? There is so many of them! What would you have wanted Springfield to have done with 3 million dollars? Sad to see Lyle Lanley not only poof from the episode but also our games? Tell us below in the comments and we are sure to give them a read 😉 happy tapping …

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