Hey Super Skyfingers! Today on the TOuk Blog, I will be giving you a overview of one of my favorite episodes from Season 7, Radioactive Man! Many items from the current event, come from this episode. Like the Alien, The Aqua World parts, The Scoutmaster,  and many more. 

The episode starts with Bart and Milhouse in the Androids Dungeon, with them debating over Radioactive Man and Radiation Dude. Comic Book Guy inter interrupts their debate, and tells them that producers are currently casting for the Radioactive Man movie. The producers choose Rainer Wolfcastle as Radioactive Man because they want the movie to be as far from the campy 70s version as possible. Shudder 

The production of the movie comes to Springfield, after the producers see a small poorly spelled ad, and think that the town is so great, they don’t even need correct spelling. (10 out of 10 best idea)  lol. Anyway, the town raises it’s prices through the roof, and the producers go to the school to cast Fallout Boy. Ralph and Nelson fail their auditions, and Bart wows them. The bad news is that he’s a few inches short for the role. He attempts to make himself seem taller to get the part. 

Bart shows up, and is devastated to find out that they would cast Milhouse as Fallout Boy, Instead of him, and Milhouse didn’t even want to be a actor!  Lisa tells A upset Bart that he should be friendly  to  Milhouse, and Bart likes the idea. The Simpsons go on set, where Homer has a lazy off with the Teamsters. Milhouse is fed up with With the repetitiveness of making a movie, and wants out. During the most expensive scene of of the movie, Milhouse runs away. 

The town searches for him, and Bart finally finds him. Milhouse doesn’t want to go back, and the guest star, Mickey Rooney…

 has a solution, for him to to be  Fallout Boy. The producers are now broke, and the Movie is canceled. The Producers go back to Hollywood, where people care about each other cue music

Episode Verdict:

I like this episode. It’s funny, has a town of pop culture references, and has a ton of cool stuff stuff that’s in our games. 

Rating: 8 out of 10

What’s your opinion on this episode? Comment below! 

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