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Episode Overview: The mysterious voyage of Homer

Its saucy time in ol’ Springfield has the heat arises for the annual Chili Cook Off event in the form of a mini-event! Homer’s Chiliad is a mini-event based of the episode with the full name: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer). I love this episode so am really enjoying this update.

So get the full overview for this fun episode to get more details of some of the mini-event origins that I will cover in more detail in later posts …

Episode Stats
It is the 9th episode from the 8th season! Overall it is the 162th episode.

Couch Gag
All the family, apart from Homer, glide from the ceiling with parachutes! They then fall into their usual couch gag position until homer falls onto the floor with an unopened parachute! Doh!

IMBD basic plot
“At Springfield’s annual chili cook-off, Homer eats a spicy concoction containing hallucinogenic peppers from Guatemala, and subsequently has a vision which makes him doubt Marge is his soul mate.”

Detailed Plot Walkthrough
I am writing this as I watch the episode so expect a detailed walkthrough …

Homer starts the episode reading the newspaper when he then gets annoyed when he finds a part cut out of it advertising the Chili Cook Off! Marge trys to stop Homer from finding out about the event by hoovering loudly when Lenny offers to take him and smoking to hide the smell of Chili but he soon wants fresh air so he finds out! Marge reminds Homer of the last year incidence, with the drunken “puffy pink cloud” cotton candy incidence, but gives in and let’s homer go! Homer has to promise not to drink any alcohol though.

The family arrive and we a familiar stall (covered in more detail in future posts):
– A little bit of Lenny

There is a square dance so why didn’t we get this decoration:

And there is an awkward conversation between Helen and Marge over Homer’s promise.

Homer then arrives at the competition and draws a wooden spoon that we are told by Lenny that ‘he crafted it himself from a bitter spoon’! He then walks up to Ned’s stall, Fire Alarm Chili …

… and criticises how it is only ‘2.5 tops’ alarm! He then goes round more stalls and critisises! We then get a feature of the insanity peppers, cauldron and the tent when Wiggum dares Homer to try his pepper!
Homer tries the pepper. He goes crazy and angers Marge by breaking the promise and drinking bear to cool down!He then pours wax on his tongue which makes his tongue invisible to the extreme spiciness and impresses everyone by gulping down several of the peppers!

He then hallucinates and the world goes crazy and distorted!

Running of into the sunset he finds himself walking through a desert where he encounters a butterfly and a river that turns into a snake! He then breaks the sun by walking forward and backwards to make the sun rise and set.

He finds a tortoise that scratches “Follow the tortoise” so he does which leads him to a pyramid, that increases, which he has to climb! At the top of the pyramid he finds a Marge figure – that won’t move – that then disintegrates into red dust. After shouting “Why am I here” a loud voice explains that he is on a “quest for knowledge”. The voice then appears as the space coyote’s head in the sky which then morphs into a full coyote body next to Homer and explains that homer has a lesson to learn!
Space Coyote explains that for Homer to find inner peace and to make himself complete he ‘must find his soul mate’ – the spirit who you share a bond with!

When the Space Coyote runs of, after Homer says his Soul Mate is Marge, a train knocks him out and sends him to a golf course which is next to the pro shop – back to reality!

Homer goes home and after Marge gets angry with him for humiliatingly her he then questions whether Marge is his soul mate! He then “runs away” and walks to many different stores and buildings hoping to gain knowledge or maybe a soul mate! After many failures he then hears Space Coyote’s “find your sould mate” again and after a sad walk through Springfield he comes across E.A.R.L , the Springfield Lighthouse, and runs to become the lighthouse keeper’s soul mate only to find that E.A.R.L is a computer!

He then smashes the light to try and jump aboard a boat to find a Soul Mate but Marge stops him and says how much she misses him! She then tells him how she found him:
– She knew he would go by foot as Homer hates public transportation
– She knows he would head west because Springfield slopes down that way
– Then she saw the lighthouse and remembered how he loves blinking lights on the waffle iron!
So they find out that they do understand each other and that Marge is Homer’s soul mate! Awww …

It ends with a romantic moral and a quick adrenaline rush as they could die due to the boat crashing but teamwork saves them! The boat still crashed and hit a rock making pants spill out …


THE END (Cue Credits …)

So that’s the overview/Recap for the fun, classic episode that this mini-event is based on!
There will be future posts that delve deeper into origins
So enjoy the summer and the mini-event! Did you get the Space Coyote? Enjoying the mini-event so far? Any Soul Mate comments? Sound of below and Happy Tapping …

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