Hey Tappers! The Christmas Update looms on the horizon, and I thought a fun send off to the Thanksgiving update with an episode overview would be good! I was thinking of the episode to base it when same gave me the idea to do an overview on the First Story of the episode “The Wettest Stories ever told”  as it fits with the Thanksgiving Theme. So here goes. 

This episode starts with the Simpsons at the Frying Dutchman, bored and waiting for their food. 

 The Sea Captain then comes out of the kitchen, and offers to tell the Simpsons a story of the sea while they wait for their food. 

When it’s revealed that he actually doesn’t know any, Lisa offers to tell the story of the Mayflower. The story begins in England, at the harbor. 

We then see some familiar faces as Puritan Marge, Bart and Lisa board the ship. (Those would be fun skins) 

The Calm Harbor is interrupted with Puritan Homer running down the dock to get to the ship. 

He then jumps in a barrel to hide from some guards who are after him. 

Homer the starts to pray in the barrel, causing them to take pity on Homer, and try and protect him. (Even though he was actually praying for the guards to kill them instead of him)

 When the coast is clear, Puritan Homer gets out of the barrel, and decides to stay on Rte ship for the voyage. He also takes a liking to Puritan Marge. 

Later, The crew is praying, and Homer asks where the hooch is since he thought the Mayflower was some vacation cruise. That’s where he meets Ned Flandish/Puritan Flanders. 

After that, Puritan  Homer and Puritan Marge Start to get closer. That’s when Homer is introduced to Puritan Moe, who is engaged to Marge. (Have you noticed how Moe is always the bad guy in stories involving Marge?) 

Much to Puritan Moe’s chagrin, Puritan Marge and Puritan Homer get closer and closer. 

So Moe hatches a revenge plan. He takes Homer down to his cargo of beer, and he challenges Homer to take a sip everytime a wave hits the ship. 

This leads to Homer getting drunk and a problem in the cargo hold. When there’s an awful storm, Moe tells Ned Flandish and Puritan Lovejoy that Homer’s Drunken Stupors are responsible. 

They put him in stocks, and when they are about to punish him, a hard wave hits the  ship and The Capitan, Ned Flandish, hits his head on a wooden column. Homer says that he knows what to do, and he steers the ship safely towards America. 

Ned Flandish names the land new England, but not without some remarks from Puritan Willie. The Crew safely gets to land, and it flash fowards to show the first Thanksgiving. 

Ned Flandish hints on what happens to the native Americans, and when the Native Americans get the hint, not even Pumpkin Pie is enough to make things feel less awkward. 

So that’s the sort of episode overview of the Wettest Stories ever told! What was your favorite part of the episode? Comment below! 

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