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What event shall I write about?

Dr Nick

Heya everybody, hope everyone is feeling well and surviving Monday so far. EA has given us this Military update in the unexpected form of a mini event. Whether I like it or not is up for another post but, as I count these mini updates as (easy-going) background fun, we have a bit of lull before the next “BIG” thing.

So … I wanted to do something that I keep saying I’ll do and that is share event ideas. I have so many event ideas and I always want to share them but I barely do and it’s a shame so I will start to do more event ideas in between events and maybe a few in events 😁.

So event ideas can come in many forms over here on the blog:

  • A text and images post – an event idea I haven’t yet covered on my YouTube channel so will fully explain it in a post
  • A Video and text post – Include a YouTube video from my channel of my idea with some text to go with it
  • A Video post – will be a really short post of an explanation and then an embedded YouTube video

And for how regular I will do event ideas, I would like to everyday but it’s obvious that that won’t happen so every now and then expect an event idea – I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them up :D.

But I want to include YOU as my faithful readers more into what I write so I thought that you tappers get to vote on which event idea I do so at the end of each Event idea post (or in a separate post) I’ll give a poll that I’d really appreciate if you voted on the idea that you most want to see my write up as an event idea.



Vote for whichever one interests or intrigues you because they will each have an equal amount of work for me and I couldn’t care less about which one I do – they are all fun to write up 😉.

NOTE: Poll will close on Thursday 23rd March 9am (GMT) so please vote before then! Thank you 

So please vote in the poll above and tell me below your thought about me posting more ideas and maybe tell me what ideas you want me to include in polls next 😁.

Have a great day and Happy Tapping!

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  1. Simpsons rules

    March 20, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    I loved it when u did the story I think u should do that but this time I think u should add people from Touk gang and the Simpsons in your story

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