Over the last couple of days we have received a bunch of teasers that have been tricking us all into thinking different things. In this post I will go through each teaser and what that teaser COULD mean! So bring on the teasers …

So the first teaser we got was back after the casino event! When the players finished the act 3 questline, a pop-up would appear:


This instantly made players come up with loads of ideas! Many people assumed that a badland event is coming! This seems very likely as the Alkali Flats is a desert theme and is a place that TSTO hasn’t explored yet so it is a possibility, but then EA released another teaser on Sunday (17th April) on Facebook which said:

Grass may be greener and concrete cleaner, but it’s on DIRT that duels are done. Play our update coming soon, get new dirt tiles for your town, and prepare for a showdown!


So it looks like we are finally getting dirt tiles! Yeah! But surely this teaser is leaning more on the idea of a cowboy theme! It includes showdown and if you look at the O in Tapped Out, the usual fingerprint is replaced with a bullethole! All clues that we could be seeing a wild Western theme!

Then EA decided to really test our imaginations – and patience – when they released another teaser on Facebook:

Remember, X marks the spot, XX means poison, and XXX is moonshine. Don’t mix them up, and play our update coming soon to find Springfield’s secret treasure!


So this adds to the idea of a cowboy theme but buried treasure, x marks the spot, could this really be a Pirate update!

We will have to wait and see! All the things listed above our all ideas and nobody really knows what is to come (except for EA) but it is possible to have a badland update with a cowboy showdown! I have a feeling that the event might come tommorow but you never know it might hit today so be on the lookout!! What do you think? Are you looking forward to the next event? Sound off in the comments and be sure to tell us your opinion!

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