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Event Tips: Wild West

Yee-haw partners! It’s event time and time for me to give my top tips on how to progress and enjoy the current event! It’s cowboy time as our pocket-sized Springfield has gone back in time to the wild west! It’s nearly the end of act 1 (less than a week to go) and I thought I would help you with the event!


The Wild West update has gotten mixed reaction! I like it but there aren’t a lot of buildings and decoration to go with the theme! Unlike the casino event, which you could have created a massive casino area because of all the craftable items there were however we don’t get that endless lost of ideas and decorations to add in this event! This is a fun update and here are my top tips on how to progress through the event and enjoy it!

Tip 1: Chill, Don’t rush
Most people spent doughnuts and stressed over finishing the act 1 questline just to find out that the end part you have to wait till day 9 to complete! There is no point rushing! The only time that I would rush the questline is if you have 1 day left until the next act! Especially in this act (act 1) the questline certainly didn’t take long in the first place as it was mostly made up of 6s tasks, so don’t rush! Chill! You have until the end of the Act!

Tip 2: Don’t waste those sprinklies
The temptation when it comes to events is to waste donuts on items that you don’t want just because EA put a time marker on it! We see that LIMITED TIME and think ‘Oh, I better get it NOW’ but in most cases you are just buying junk that you don’t want! Think of it as a normal premium item, think: do you want it? Can you afford it? Will you be able to save enough donuts after incase something else comes along? If the answer to all those questions are ‘yes’ the get it! Do keep an eye on the time and get it before it ends if you really want it but just Chill and stop and think!

Tip 4: Trade with organisation
With this event we get two resources to trade: pickaxes and hats! So what should you do and what items should you create? Most people just either send Apu or Homer off to start a craze with no consideration into trading for clues but before you start a craze look at your resources! If you have loads of pickaxes but barely any hats, then send Homer to start a craze so you get more hats! Also if you have around the same amount of resources, look at what the next prize is: if it is some pickaxes then start a craze for hats so then when you get your prize pickaxes your hats will have caught up. The same vice versa!

Tip 5: Enjoy It
Is an app for goodness sake! Enjoy it and have fun! Chill and take in the free buildings and enjoy unlocking characters without stressing! Chill and Enjoy the event!!

Hope you enjoyed my tips! I might update this with more tips so keep a lookout! Enjoy the event and if you have any questions about the event ask in the comment and I will be happy to try and answer! Happy Tapping …

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