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Everything we know about THOH XXVII

So The Town has recently aired and that means that the next episode, airing this week, is the annual TreeHouse Of Horror episode. October has arrived and with the arrival of tje Halloween event I am definitaly in the Halloween mood! This year the THOH episode happens to be the 600th episode.

There has been so much hype and exclusive reveals about what is to be crammed into this milestone episode that I am super excited! Read on to find out everything we know about THOH XXVII …

600th episode promo logo.png

The Script

File:VABF16 Script.png

Written By

Joel H. Cohen

Directed By

Steven Dean Moore

The Couch Gag
To mark the milestone episode, they wanted to do something special. They will be using ‘Planet of the Couches’ which is an unused idea of a couch gag for a episode too short.

After the show was approached by Google, they decided to make the Couch Gag in VR – Virtual Reality! It can be seen normally but there will be the option to use your Google Cardboard or just use your device (move it around). This will be available worldwide.

This is how simpsonswiki describes how it will work:

In the 45 second couch gag in the actual episode, there will be a URL that can be accessed on your device to view the 3 minute VR couch gag. The full version will be viewed with Google Cardboard whilst a limited version can be seen without it, by moving your device around.

Opening and Closing
THOH episodes normally have an unique, short and often random opening before the 3 segments start.

THOH XXVII will open with different Simpson foes – including Frank Grimes and Sideshow Bob (!) – trying to kill of different members of the family.

The episode will close with a James Bond theme, sang by Judith Owen (wife of Harry Shearer), with Bart as Bond (see promo video).

The Segments
All THOH episodes are split into 3 segments. Some argue that the show is just dragging out the 3 segment idea into dry jokes and bad plots. I disagree – there have been some great THOH that aired in recent years (although last year’s was a flop). This year’s THOH synopsis:

“In the midst of a major drought, Mr. Burns introduces a Hunger Games-style contest in which Springfield’s children fight each other for a day in Burns’ personal reservoir. Meanwhile, Lisa’s imaginary best friend, Rachel, is jealous of Lisa’s real best friends and starts killing them. Moe tells Bart that the barflies are actually covert agents and that he wants Bart join their team in Homer’s place.”

Guest Stars

Drew Carey as Himself

Donald Fagen as Himself

Sarah Silverman as Rachel

Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob

Promotional Images

Promotional Videos


If anymore news or media is to be released then it will be added to here 😃

Do you remember the past milestone episodes?
So much news and hype. For us TSTO players there is a little tie-in on it’s way (hitting tomorrow) but nothing to get excited about.

Hope you found this interesting. Please tell us in the comments what you think! Looking forward to it? Will you be able to try out the VR couch gag? What do you think of the family’s Halloween costumes? Tell us below … Happy tapping

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