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Fan Fiction: Great Minds Think a Fright | Chapter 1


Oh, sorry. Come back! I didn’t mean to scare you. Today I premiere something that I have been working on over the last few weeks … Another Fan Fiction story around the theme of Halloween!

This ISN’T the fan fiction with the winner from the contest’s character. That will be in something much bigger that could take months to complete.

Please enjoy and get embedded into the story. Halloween is creeping up way too quickly so here is how the chapters are going to work and when they will be posted:

  • Chapter 1: The Gypy’s Curse (TODAY! This post)
  • Chapter 2: Dreams on Evergreen Terrace 
  • The Conclusion

One more notice: I have brought back Mrs K (RIP Marcia Wallice) because the speech fit her. Treat this story as non-canon. I can bring back and kill whoever I want and it won’t affect Simpsons episodes past or future.

So let’s get on with it …

Chapter 1: The Gypsy’s Curse

“Everyone on the coach” screamed Mrs Krabapple as she wafted through waves of nose-picking children picking the perfect seat.

“Picking a seat is an art” explained Bart to Milhouse “You have the quiet people at the front, normal people in the middle and the awesome ones at the back. And if you haven’t noticed Milhouse, Awesome ends in me’

” And if I am not mistaken” replied Mrs Krabapple “Ugly starts with U”

The coach echoed with cries of “BURN”, ” WHAT A COMEBACK” and “My hand tastes of mummy”.

The coach set off as Mrs Krabapple explained through shifty eyes, “Okay in the extreme case of if you are dying … PLEASE do it quietly so nobody notices and I don’t get fired. You all remember the body hiding routine, right?”

“Yes miss” replied the children. 

“My body prefers to do the counting and not the hiding” replied Ralph.

“Miss, where are we even going?” Bart asked “You didn’t send out permission forms. A haunted house?” Bart asked with eagerness. ‘School trip’, the day to be stupid and get your teachers told off.

“Bart…” stretched out Mrs Krabapple “I know Halloween is right around the corner but how is a Haunted House educational?”

“Oh sorry Miss” Bart replied with maximum amount of sarcasm in his voice “Care to explain how a zoo, trip to the retirement home or a trip to the plastic factory is educational? The only connection I see is how low the price is”

Again the bus roared with “You for BURNED miss”, “Good one Bart” and “My tummy is singing out of key”.

” We are going to a local farm” said Mrs Krabapple in the most disappointed voice.

The coach pulled up to the farm and the children spilled out and rushed onto the fields.

“Orderly queue please” ordered Mrs Krabapple as she pushed the children rushed around. The day went on. Bart was bored. Everyone was bored. A sheep. A cow. Not much to desribe.

“Look Milhouse” Bart whispered to his friend “an old shack. Let’s go and see.”

Milhouse hesitated but that ran to catch up to his friend who had already whizzed ahead. 

The shack was the stereotypical shack. It sat in a hill, made of forgotten wood and enclosed it’s forgotten memories. It’s rotten roof stopped the shack from singing out it’s true colours – it’s past. The door wasn’t locked. There was no lock. Bart pushed it open a bit. Peered inside. Nothing. Nobody. He fell in, closely followed by a Milhouse who had dropped his glasses on the rush in.

The shack was dark. They couldn’t see. Milhouse couldn’t see whether there was light or not but suddenly the darkeness seemed to engulf the boys and they decided that they probably should leave. But where did the door go? Bart gulped. Bart fell.

SMASH! Milhouse screamed. A pathetic light flashed on as an eerie old lady appeared in the corner. Her face rotten with anger as she approached the boys. The door, now appeared in the light, was a few metres away. Bart kept for it. The lady grabbed him. Pulled him close …

The lady was wrinkly. Wrinkly with the age of loneliness. She had given up on life. Her drooping and lifeless face started to rise and she started to screech with rage.

“You boy, have been cursed” She began. The level was intense with extreme anger. Bart was shivering with fright. Milhouse cowering on the floor. “That vase was passed down from generations. My dead dad gave it to me and it was the last thing he ever did for me. It was the only thing I have! You, your family, will not let this down. I will die one day in the future, but my soul is already dead”

Bart was confused by the level of anger and legged it. He ran. Forgotton about Milhouse he ran towards the farm. The farm in front of him he suddenly remembered about Milhouse. He couldn’t risk going back … But he did. He ran back.

He returned at the door with guilt and the devil’s handiwork scribed all over his face. He knocked … No reply. The door screeched as he slowly opened the door. The lightbulb was swinging, lighting up a forgotten home. Milhouse was shivering on the floor as Bart picked him up and took him out. 

That was way too easy, he thought to himself. As he went a Lady, looked like a slightly younger version of the gypsy, looked on in the other side of the hill. He eyes were swollen as she glanced at Bart, she lowered her head as she walked towards the sun. That was the last Bart heard of the gypsy. But her cursing voice rang out throughout the day.

The coach returned to the school as Mrs Krabapple reviewed the day.

“My sheet here tells me to ask this pathetic excuse of a question. So what experiences and noises did we hear?” she asked with little tone buried into her voice.

“MOO”, ” BAA” the children replied. 

“Get off the bloody tractor you …” started Ralph but was quickly brought to an end by a swiftly moving on teacher.

Bart would normally have a funny answer – but he was silent. The gypsy’s voice ticked to his sinking heart beat. Contrasting to his usual routine of throwing pebbles, he walked home kicking pebbles, thinking of what had happened. It all felt like a dream. The gypsy, what seemed like the gypsy and he curse. What could it mean? Nothing bad has happened … Yet?

Well that is all for Chapter 1. Not feeling very spooky yet but join me on either Friday or Saturday to find out what the curse could bring. Hope you enjoyed it. I am away for a few days but would LOVE to hear about what you think of the mini-series so far! Happy tapping spooky skyfinger …👻👻👻

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