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Fan Fiction: Great Minds Think a Fright | Chapter 2

Yes, I know it has been a week or so and Halloween is over but Halloween is still alive in our games so that is the excuse I will stick with. Very busy busy busy so please excuse the lack of posts. 

Click here for Chapter 1

Below is Chapter 2. The final mini chapter -conclusion – will be released Tuesday (event end day) as a small conclusion. Enjoy your chapter …

Bart awoke. It had been a week since the Gypsy had set the curse and Halloween had ended. This ‘curse’ was in the past and Bart was willing to forget that it ever happened. Her opened his eyes and got out of bed. It was Friday! Best. Day. Ever! Bart was still in a bit of shock from a random nightmare but he dragged himself down the stairs reluctant of the early time.

“I had this nightmare where we had to sell Santa’s Little Helper” Bart said “But we would never do that, would we pal?”

Bart bent down with a willing hand to the position of the usual morning dog.

“Santa’s Little Helper?” Bart cried.

Marge turned round, tears in her eyes and sat down next to Bart. She placed her cold hand onto Bart’s and started to speak,

“Darling,” she began “Mr Burns popped round today saying that his hounds were becoming useless and that we had to give him our dog other wise Homer looses her job”

Her speech was stuttered and tears filled in Bart’s eyes – an ocean of forgotten opportunities and love for their family dog. Worst. Day. Ever!

Lisa ran down the stairs. Eager school eyes but with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“I had this horrible nightmare that school was closed” she said as Bart questioned her.

Marge tried to silence the argument about what defines a nightmare by turning on the radio – full blast.

“Springfield Elementary School has been closed for the day due to a giant baby roaming round town” the Radio blarred.

The family cleaned out theirs ears and looked at each other. Did they just heat correctly? A giant baby going round town.

Something else troubled Bart. The thought that all of their dreams had come true. The dog being sold, school being closed … And then a thought came to his head as he legged it upstairs and into Maggie’s room. But to his theory, Maggie was gone and her wall showed a massive Maggie shaped hole. Maggie must have had a dream about being big.

But wait … It must be a dream, right? Right? He pinched himself … Nothing. He pinched himself again … Still nothing. He went downstairs and looked outside the window. It was raining donuts!! Is there anything cooler? He jumped to the conclusion that Homer must be sleeping and dreaming at work of raining donuts. But how was this all possible? The curse!

Hours went on … Springdield was flooded in donuts, a giant Maggie and wrecked buildings and still no sign of hope. Dreams to nightmares – Springfield was in utter confusion.

Days went on and Marge awoke with horror, she opened the window with fear, fear that a terrible nightmare might have come true. And it had. Clowns were running crazy in Springfield. Thanks to Lisa, Springfield was in permanent night time and Homer wouldn’t stop dreaming about raining donuts. Springfield was in terror. Maggie still hasn’t shrunk and Lisa kept failing her tests due to recent nightmares.

Weeks went on … Marge awoke to the sound of grumbling zombies banging on the door. She ran for the kids, gathered them in her room and decided to pick up a book: Brooder’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse – she glanced at it. Didn’t make sense and she realised that there was no hope. They spent the day locked in the house, thinking, thinking, thinking. Nothing, nothing nothing.

Night came, the family feared what weird dreams they might have and what this might bring on the town.

Morning came, Lisa ran down stairs – sleep in her eyes.

“I had this realistic dream last night” Lisa said, “Frink made a machine that altered what you dream”

“My dream was weirder” exclaimed Bart, “Every teacher in the school had become flying monkeys”

Marge opened the curtains and there were flying teacher monkeys chucking practice papers at windows. Marge let out a scream. She couldn’t take it anymore! The end was near if this continued

Hope you enjoyed it. What’s the solution to the problem? Tell us what you think happens next. And then tune in tomorrow to find out Lisa’s answer … Happy Tapping …

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