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Follow via WordPress feature!!!

Oh Whacking Day! New Banner – You like it?!

Yes I know many of you have been asking how to follow this blog via WordPress *cough*Em*couch* so I have been slaving away (joking :)) to try and find a solution on how to allow a WP follow system on a self-hosted site that uses WP (confusing right?!) but in the end, like it normally does: Google had the answer! Weeks of trying to find an answer myself and looking at forum Q&As I finally decided to ask Google! I had to rummage around a bit but found the solution! So every page (blog rules, current event, about us etc.) and every post – starting from now – will include a follow via WordPress button at the bottom. So what are you waiting for … Please follow!

May somebody test this as it is saying I am already following this as I made it! Lol

Enjoying the event, are you finally excited that you can sleep tonight because you can now follow this blog via WordPress (Lol)? Feedback in comments to make a Tapper Happy …

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  1. Simpsons rules

    May 10, 2016 at 6:12 am


  2. D’oh, didn’t tap on the right “follow”… I was tapping on text. It’s very late for this old cat…

  3. Well, it doesn’t do anything when I tap on “follow” (I’m on my iPad), and I have a WP account…

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