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Frink Fact: Homer and Krusty


This is the second Frink Fact on our 1 week anniversary!


Ever noticed how similar Krusty the clown looks and Homer looks?

If you can’t see it, then look at Krusty without make-up:


Krusty without make-up (minus the wig) looks a lot like Homer! Still don’t see it, then have a look at Homer when he tries to impersonate Krusty in the episode ‘Homie the clown’:


Can you see what I’m saying now! Krusty looks a lot like Homer or Homer looks a lot like Krusty! This is because when the Simpsons were new Krusty was going to be Homer’s secret identity (plot twist alert!!) but unfortunately this idea got cancelled as producers wanted them to be two separate funny characters.

The idea came from that Bart looked up to a guy that looked like Homer but wasn’t so this gave the opportunity for a plot twist because the guy Bart actually looked up to was his dad! The idea was abandoned and I think this was the better option as then the Krusty Show would probably have to be cancelled, as everybody would know it’s Homer, and Simpsons wouldn’t feel the same anymore!

So did you see the resemblance before?


Did you now why they looked similar? Sound off in the comments as I love hearing from you guys!!!

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  1. simpsons rules

    April 16, 2016 at 9:30 am

    They look really familiar

  2. The Tracey Ullman shorts would have the first drawings of them both. They don’t appear any more similar than their modern versions, so they must have dropped it when they first drew it. Krusty has heavy bags under his eyes while Homer doesn’t.

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