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Frink Fact: Moe’s Tavern

Frink's FactHey Guys! Another fun fact (or in this case two mini facts) to liven your saturday with useless simpsons trivia! Today I am not feeling to well but I thought I should still give you a fun fact so here is two mini facts about the Moe’s Tavern …

moe's tavern

First Fact … everybody knows and loves the prank calls that Bart gives to Moe and many other bar tenders but did you know that when Bart calls Moe he dials the number


which all you americans would relise that it is one digit longer then the usual but that is because in letter form the number spells out “SMITHERS”! How odd and random!

Second Fact…

We are told that Moe moved to Springfield because it’s zip code, when put on a calculator, spells “boobs” in the fun episode “Moe letter Blues”, meaning that his zip code is 58008. Then to add to the fun in another episode Homer finds Bart waving at him from the house when Homer walks into Moes. Suggesting that Moe’s is on Evergreen Terrace and that the Simpsons Zip Code ends in 8008 too!  Find Source Here

So there is two fun facts about our favourtie bartender and his bar. So here is one of my favourite prank calls in one of my favourtite episodes:

So did you know these two fun facts? Did you know the true reason Moe moved to springfield? Answer in the comments as I would love to hear from you guys!

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  1. Did not know any of them facts and that video was hilarious

  2. Cool! Didnt know that either?!

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