We have had a fun little in game update which included a little questline and a Gil deal! We have been offered a fair list of items at a cheaper price so if you want something, now is the time to  get it!


The Gil deal is going to end tomorrow at 8:00am GMT!
So grab those final items that you want and looks look over what will be leaving out games tomorrow

What will leave tomorrow 8:00am GMT:

* Nature Bundle – this is a great bargain so I would suggest getting it if you are thinking about it
* Street Cleaner – a lot of you guys seem to like this so if you do want it then what are you waiting for!
* Tree Swing
* Waverly Hills Elementary School
* Shining Maze

I think the Marge questline will carry on but if I am wrong then correct me in the comments!

I think that tomorrow – or soon after – that an event will kick off. I do hope it is the badland update as it is sure to be a fun event and finally some items that will go with the Springfield Gorge!


So did you enjoy the lil update? Do you think something is coming next? Tell me in the comments and I will reply ASAP! Happy Tapping!

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