Guess who’s back, back again
Gil is back, tell a friend

Yes, you heard me right! Gil is back for a second shot at selling you a rubbis– I mean bargain in this superhero sequel.
Gil brings something out the files – unreleased – to give you a fun, but as usual a pricey, new item!

Read on for more infomation and whether you should buy this deal …

Unreleased Content

[show_more more=”Find out what it is and more on it” less=”show less”] What is ‘Unreleased Content’?
Unrealesed Content is a term used for items, features, dialogue etc that was put in the files but is inactive – meaning that the user can’t unlock it yet.

Why put items in the files if it is inactive?
Because then if an event or update comes around and EA feel like an inactive content is needed they just need to ‘glitter’ it up and make it active!

It is a sneeky tactic to add items into the game before an event/mini-event

What content is normally added to ‘unreleased’?
Most unreleased content is in the form of an image if it is a character, building, decoration so that the idea is there and all they need to do is set animations, tasks payout etc and then make it active
EA has added dialogue, un-used character dialogue items, quests, consumables and many more similair things along with the buidlings, decorations and characters (actual unlockable content)[/show_more]

So now, onto the deal …

After logging in after 8am BST on the 20th June you will now see Gil in your games walking and begging with the icon

When tapped this dialogue will start:

Gil: Hey you, do you remember the epic acid scene from the Radioactive Man movie, starring Rainier Wolfcastle?

Gil: C’mon, you know the one… Fallout Boy’s missing and Radioactive Man gets swept up in a wave of acid?

Gil: Good Ol’ Gil’s got some good ol’ news for you! The production company is going to re-shoot the scene for the director’s cut-a-rooni!

Gil: And for a very small cost, you’ll get to direct the scene yourself!

Gil: I’m sure Fallout Boy will show up this time… bad things never happen twice in Springfield… except for Ol’ Gil.

Gil: Even if they do, you’ll get to see Rainier Wolfcastle suffer from acid injuries again and again!

Gil: Don’t worry about him, he’s got a super-duper health insurance plan.

Gil: And me… I rely on two boxes of Band-Aids and a carton of cough syrup.

Gil: What’s that? You don’t have Milhouse’s Fallout Boy costume? Ol’ Gil will fix ya right up!

If offer accepted:

Gil: Hot diggety-dog-diggety-doo! You’re not gonna regret it. I’ll even throw in some “acid resistant” goggles…

Offer declined:

Gil: Well, suit yourself. We’re not all cut out to be film directors.

The deal is the Radioactive Man film set, out of the unreleased dungeon, but there is more than meets the eye.

What comes with the deal?

  • The Radioactive Man film set
  • An animated task for Rainer Wolfcastle at the film set
  • And … Sidekick Milhouse skin ,unlocked after dialogue, if you don’t have him already

For clarification, the film set of does not come with a Radioactive Man skin for Wolfcastle but he does have a task at the film set which puts him in the costume and makes him animated, great animation, until the end if his task.

But what if I don’t have Wolfcastle so can’t unlock the task?
Tough luck! EA has ditched you. Throw this deal out the window. End your game! Delete your account and crush your device in despair. You’ll get over it! … Only joking! EA hasn’t forgotten about you and has given player’s without Rainer Wolfcastle early access to Wolfcastle’s Mansion with Wolfcastle combo.
The combo is usually unlocked at Level (enter level) but if you don’t have this combo then you can buy it at the price for $(enter price here) – in-game cash.

If you have early-access then get him! Freemium combo and early access! Don’t have enough money? I reccomend saving up and getting it.

What if I already have Sidekick Milhouse? Will there be a discount?
Joke answer: Yes, of course! EA remembered about early players, so why not you? Party! Whoop Whoop! Wait … Oops:

Serious answer: If you already have Sidekick Milhouse then the price will remain at 150 donuts which seems unfair but that’s the way EA put it.

Should you buy it?

For this deal it depends on many different factors.

If you have Sidekick Milhouse then you are essentially paying 150 donuts for a building and an animated task. It is a cool building with epic design and an amazing animated task but if you are freemium and already have the skin then 150 donuts is a lot so you might want to pass 🙁

If you don’t have the skin then I would seriously reccomend getting this. The design and animation behind the actual building and the task is amazing and 150 donuts isn’t too bad for a building/skin combo – especially as it comes with an animated task for Wolfcastle!

Final Verdict:

If you are freemium, with or without the skin, then 150 donuts is a lot for a one clip origin and if you have the skin then defintaly consider passing!

If you don’t have the skin, premium or freemium, then this is a fun buy however I only reccomend getting this if you really want it due to the price.

I understand that my opinion is probally a bit confusing but take into mind I had to come with conclusions for both freemium and premium players and for each of those catagories change add in the factor about if they have the skin or not. Confused about whether to get this then explain your scenario and I will explain what I would do 🙂

Here is the walkthrough for the questline that comes with the film set …

Acid Here Waiting For You
Wolfcastle starts

Wolfcastle: Ok, so the production company vants to re-shoot the acid scene.

Wolfcastle: This time, you von’t disappear, vill you?

Milhouse: Um… uh… no, you can count on me, I think…

Wolfcastle: My perfect butt vas so burned they had to use a stunt butt stand-in to finish the scene.

Wolfcastle: It burns me more knowing it’s not my butt on the big screen.

Milhouse: I completely understand… although not really.

Quest reward: Sidekick Milhouse
Task: Make Rainier Wolfcastle Re-Shoot the Acid Scene (6s, Radioactive Man Movie Set)

Task: Make Milhouse Disappear Again (8h, Bart’s Treehouse or Brown House)

On Milhouse’s task start:

Wolfcastle: Only Fallout Boy can save me now…

Wolfcastle: …

Wolfcastle: Oh, Mist, not again!

On job end:

Wolfcastle: Argh, Milhouse… you messed up again!

Milhouse: It’s too much pressure! I’m not a real hero, I’m just a kid.

Wolfcastle: Don’t beat yourself up. Let villains do that for you.

System Message: Need a better place for Milhouse to sulk? Get his trailer in the store now!

So there you have it. The rundown off all Radioactive Man Film Set infomation! Sorry if parts seem un-clear. Stay strong and super, happy tapping …

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