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Gil returns: Rockstar Maggie & Springfield Hyperstadium


Hello super science sci-fi Skyfingers! Good journey to this dimension? It’s that time of event where we shake our heads and feel sorry for the begging desperate Gil. Time to rock on …
🍩 It’s Gil Deal time 🍩
Read on for a walkthrough and more information …

So when you log in today you will see Gil, begging on his knees looking like this:

First off all, let him wander! Be sad that you might never see him as a permanent addition … so savour this moment. Then tap him – give him some love! You will then see this …

Gil: Okay, Gil. Stay calm. You transcended the boundaries of space and time to find this deal.
Hello citizens of Springfield.
Homer: Oh great! Now I’m being bombarded by ads from other dimensions!
Gil:Just hear me out! Because your own little baby, Maggie, is back from the future, where… get this… she’s no longer a baby!
Homer: Then what the hell is she?
Gil: She grew up to be every parents dream! A grungy, hard-living rock star!
Homer: Woo-hoo!

If you accept the offer:
Gil: Ka-ching! Maybe next time I’m in town you can get Ol’ Gil some free tickets.
Homer: Sure! I can do that. As long as you stay away forever.

If you decline the deal:
Gil: Aw, how could you turn your back on your family like that? I’m like a brother to you, aren’t I?
A long lost, dirty, thirsty brother.

So what is this deal?

This deal is a character & building combo for the price of 160 donuts! It was originally put in the files for 150 donuts but a patch made a lot more items more expensive.

She comes with a questline that can be found HERE (under “Dial M for Maggie”)

Note: Rockstar Maggie is a full character (and not a skin!) like all characters in this event. Here is her tasks:

She also comes with a cool permanent job at the Open Air Stage unlocked after completing Dial M for Maggie Pt. 4:

When you have finished the questline you can send Maggie to earn currency. You will see the system message …

Should you buy it?

Well if they sticked with 150 donuts then I would have reccomend this to both branches of players (freemium and premium) but for some reason that extra 10 donuts increase has put me off 😢
Rockstar Maggie is a great character, that ROCKS, comes with a funny questline, earns currency, awesome tasks and jobs and I really like the look of the Hyperstadium – fits perfectly with your future area – so I still think this is a great item!

If you have the donuts and like the combo then it is a good buy – and one of the best buys of the event. But if you haven’t brought better combos and the Soul Extraction Institute then you might want to give this one a think.

Final Verdict

If you have the donuts, have better combo and really like the item then this is a great buy otherwise pass.
The Holo Bundle is in store today as well 😉

So there you have it! The reccomend Gil Deal – haven’t had those for a while – that you should add to your Wishlist and enjoy. Hope you liked the rundown

Did you get it? Want to get it? Love this event and the super cool items it comes with? Where did you place the Hyper Stadium? Have an individual scenario and want an individual response to whether I think you should get it?
Then comment below and a reply will always be given when one is needed 😉 Happy tapping …

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  1. On the fence…. ouch!
    I’ll look to see it in neighbours towns then decide.

  2. When it was first mentioned I thought that I would definitely get it, but it is very big!!! I’d like to see Maggie on stage first and then make a decision.

  3. I’m going to let him wonder about for at least a day 🙂

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