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Guest Post: 13 things to avoid on Friday 13th

Hello one and all. Christmas has gone and the boring month of January has arrived. Halloween has long gone but today is … Friday the 13th! People say the origin of the ‘unluckiness’ comes from biblical reasons. Meant to be the day Eve at the apple, the tower of babel fell down and 13 people were present at The Last Supper but there is a ton of historical origins towards this day (I recommend reading this post) . The Friday the 13th movies have become icons in modern culture and I am sure they are rerunning most of the movies today on most channels. Even the Simpsons have had a go at the references …

So … in hope of some horror inspiration I turned to the TOuk horror and gore expert Brooders! And on request she has provided a guest post for us: 13 life things to avoid on Friday 13th (with Simpsons pictures). Enjoy …

3 Things to Avoid on Friday the 13th!
By Brooders


1) Black Cats
In some cultures, seeing a black cat is an omen of doom. Don’t let one cross your path today! Will this stop me from cuddling my black cat today? Nope, already done. 🙂

2) Pavement Cracks
‘Step on a crack, break your mother’s back!’ …yes you will look like something out of the Ministry of Silly Walks today but avoid them.

3) Ladders
Walking under a ladder is not only unlucky but also unsafe! If it’s unavoidable cross your fingers until you see a dog. No…seriously.


4) New Shoes
Don’t put them on a table and risk death put them on your feet where they belong!

5) Mirrors
It is a well known fact that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck! Don’t look at yourself today…lol!

6) The number 13
Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. Never seat 13 guests round a dinner table as you are just asking for trouble!


7) Spiders
Yes I know it’s tempting to squash them but don’t! Killing spiders indoors is extremely unlucky.

8) Salt
Spilling salt is very unlucky but easy to fix. Just take a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder.


9) 666
Three sixes in a row is considered the mark of the Devil. Don’t play dice games today!


10) Umbrellas
Wait until you are outside! Opening an umbrella indoors will bring you bad luck as well as the entire building.


11) Birds
Keep your windows closed today. Birds flying indoors can be an omen of death!


12) Grave Yards
Don’t walk on the grave stones ever or risk the zombie apocalypse!!!


13) Friday the 13th
The unluckiest of days!

My advice…stay in bed to avoid all bad luck and marathon watch Jason movies for 24hrs. 😀

Thank you Brooders! Very scared to enter my game today (oops, that ended quickly). Good luck one and all and remember … don’t do ANYTHING! Happy Tapping

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  1. *Tenting fingers* Eeeexcellent. Have completed 1-10, will take care of #11 and #12 post haste. Great day indeed.

    Very funny post!

  2. I knew I should of stayed in bed today and now reading that list I’m thinking that I should stay in bed everyday considering all the bad omens around!

  3. I enjoyed that Brooders and Sam. Well done.
    Bring on the zombie apocalypse while I binge watch Jason movies, with my shoes on the table beside the salt I spilt. I’ve got an umbrella open indoors too. Now where’s next door’s black cat? 🙂

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