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Guest Post: ins and out – move tool

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all. Today we have another guest post from another “fool of a TOUK” – you’ll only get that reference if you go and sign up – who wanted to helpfully get down the ins and outs of the move tool. So take it a way …

Welcome, tappers to the wondrous world of the area-select move tool! This is one of the most requested features for our beloved game. After a recent minor redesign, that still included moving 90% of my town around, I have gotten to know the new move tool very well. I love the new area move tool. It made my redesign so much easier. I thought I would go over the ins and outs (ha-ha) of this wonderful tool.

First, the move tool is the multi directional arrow at the bottom between the friends tab and the store hammer and saw.
The area move tool is the button to the right of the nuke button. It has a little green and blue layered square in it.

There is a maximum size for your selection but you can also just select one item as well. I use this to move even single items so I can see what is interfering with it, as we’ll see.
Click on that and then click and drag a selection around the items you wish to move together. As you move the selection, the colors will change.

If everything is green, everything will fit perfectly in the place you have it at. Just hit the check mark and you are done.

Items that are orange will cause road, cement, dirt or river tiles to be taken out and replaced with the items you are moving. If that is okay, just hit the check mark and the pop-up will ask you if you are sure and hit yes if okay. If not, hit no and try again.

If the selections are blue, they will not go where you want to move them to.

Now for the fun part. Sometimes, you will have all the colors at once. 

When this happens, on the left of the control box will be a swap arrow. When you hit that, the green item will place, the orange will warn you about road tiles. If okay, then all those will place, and the selection will change to just the blue items. Now you can move those items by themselves and find them a good place. 

You also have the option to rotate your selection with the circular arrow tab.

You can also store everything selected by hitting the storage box tab.

You can also sell everything selected. A dialog box will tell you how many items, if any characters are associated with those items, and if anything cannot be sold. Be very careful when selling. When I was farming Kwik-e-Marts for XP, I would move them before I sold and count them myself to make sure I didn’t have anything in there I didn’t want to sell.

So there you have the ins and outs of the newish area move tool.

Happy Tapping!

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  1. I’m going on Germany for the weekend so I will not play tapped out that much

  2. Excellent post Ellen. I didn’t know about the Orange either. You have made it clear now to me. 🙂

  3. Awesome post ☆☆☆☆☆

  4. Great write up Ellen, very informative. I hadn’t noticed that the selected will turn orange if roads etc need to be taken out.

    This feature has definitely made rearranging my town so much easier, although it is frustrating sometimes when I miss one small flower and can’t move a whole area and I am just sat there wondering why it has gone blue.

  5. I knew about this ages ago I quite helpful it came out months ago cool post

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