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Guide to the SciFighter (and Flashing – the legal way!)

Hello multiverse travelers!
What do you get if you mix Hologram items, cool dialogue, Stephen Hawking, Homer and a black hole? An awesome Sci-Fi event to blast the final weeks of summer.

Yes, that’s right, it’s sci-fi time in Springfield which means it is time for me to wave my geek flag high – can you see it? This event is full of fun items, prizes and a brand new mini-game … The SciFighter (dramatic music)!
Read on for a full guide on the SciFighter and flashes …


When you reach Dark Matters Pt. 7 you will be tasked to play the SciFighter. It will take you to the SciFighter screen:


What do you do in the mini-game?

So there will be a countdown from 3 and then you are off …
You will see robots come in from every direction so tappa tappa tappa and tap every single one to stop them from destroying the PolyVac.

You earn event currency dependent on how many you tapped and whether it was a win or a loss (with this event there is no win to loose tactic … just win to win!).

As explained by Frink and Stephen Hawking the PolyVac takes 4hrs hours to cool, reload, because ‘According to the, uh, laws of science and what have you, most things take four hours.’


The reason event tappable robots may seem to not be spawning is due to the big flash!
When you start the mini-game you will see a brief flash and a bunch of Dark Matter to collect. That flash wiped out all the robots and collected all the dark matter!

So you don’t have to break a sweat to wipe out robots and earn currency, just fire up the PolyVac SciFighter!

Now about Flashing:

Once you have worked through the SciFighter you will get a dialogue explaining flashes. You can see how many flashes you have when you are in the mini-game by looking in the top right hand corner:

If you tap that box in the mini-game then a flash will be released an all robots on screen will be wiped out and added to the score.

Ways to collect flashes
* You can collect a daily flash from the Power Plant:

* You can buy 5 flashes for 15 donuts! I really don’t reccomend doing this – when you can collect a FREE daily one then there is no point – don’t do it!

A common question: When is the best time to use the flash?
The last few seconds – around 5 seconds – because that is when they all start to flock in meaning that you will “tap” – the lazy way – more robots, increasing the score!

Remember to add you highest score to the leaderboard here!

Hope you found this useful, always happy to answer questions in the comments 😉

Like this mini-game? Do you even bother tapping robots? What’s your favourite piece of dialogue – so many to choose from? Remembering to collect your free flash? I’m not. Pleas tell us below as you know what every comment means to us.

Happy tapping …

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  1. I keep forgetting to collect my flash too! Thanks for the tip for the best time to flash.

  2. At least when there even Robot invasion the best way to kill then is camera with flashes

  3. *flashes* 😀

    (streaks through the blog) ha ha haaaaar!

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