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Halloween 2016: Currencies guide



Monsters have invaded Springfield in this really cool Halloween event. A lot of content for you to make an awesome creepy area. Embedded into this event are many currencies to help you unlock stuff like prizes and crafting content.

In this post I break down all the currencies in this event and a basic on what they do, how to use them etc. Read on …

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Film Strips ico_cur_thoh2016_filmstrip_lg

What do they do? These are the Act 1 prize currency. Unlocking a certain amount of these you can unlock the Act 1 prizes

How do you unlock them?

  • Monster battles – earns 150Film Strip.png
  • Tapping tappable monsters – earns 6Film Strip.png
  • Trick or Treat – premium characters earn 40Film Strip.pngnormal characters earn 30Film Strip.png

Thank you Alissa for reminding me that Booberlla, Space Mutant, Count Burns and Suzanne the Witch all have 4hr tasks that earn Film Strips

Obals ico_cur_thoh2016_funeralcoins_lg

What do they do? These are the currencies you can trade in for crafting items – crafting currency. This currency is event wide and will carry on through acts

How do you unlock them?

  • MAG prizes – most MAG prizes unlock a certain amount of obals (TSTO Obol.png)
  • Act 1 prizes – the third and sixth Act 1 prizes are a Small Obal Pack
  • Trick or Treat -All trick or treaters earn 6TSTO Obol.png


MAG points

What do they do? These work in a similar way to VIP points from the Casino event. You get these through certain ways and when you get to a certain number you get a prize and upgrade ‘status’.

  • Some store items offer MAG points (at this point I think it is only the Island of Dr Hibbert that unlocks MAG points on placement)
  • All NEW (not returning or recycled) crafting items


There will probaly by seperate posts for each feature (eg. Trick or Treat) but I hope the above has answered your questions on how to gain certain currency.
Happy spooking skyfingers …


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  1. Seriously what a obals

  2. My kids only pay out 2 obals and what on earth are obals?

  3. Very helpful thanks 🙂

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