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Halloween 2016 Review: Where was the Maggie love?

Hey fellow tappers, Halloween is now “over” – as EA have put it – and we are still waiting for the removal to hit our app stores so use the extra hours wisely if you need it. I was thinking about when to do this post, didn’t want to do it early and then being accused of spoiling that there is no Maggie skin (because there would have been someone) so whilst we are waiting for the next thing to hit our games, let’s look over this event and focus on the lack of Maggie love …


Overall this event was a really good one. The content was great and I really liked the challenge of fitting some non-canon items into normal day Springfield. The storyline was a bit random, I got a bit confused about what was happening a lot of the time – I think I forgot that Lisa was making a movie halfway through Act 1!

Pacing wise this event seemed okay. It was a bit slow for me and I would love the challenge of a shorter event but I know these long events help and are liked by a majority of tappers. Maybe EA should have started earlier if they were going to go over Halloween (31st October) by two weeks because after then I kind of lost the Halloween vibe.

What do you think about this major events and their lengths? 

In terms of added features, I mean added extra features to the game like the cut and paste tool added with the Casino event. We saw the arrival of the sleep timer – has that left? Because I have left my game for many minutes and nothing has changed. With the takedown we will see the departure of the the fog and leaves which I am semi-excited to see leave – I am already humming Christmas songs (shame on me!) and I am much more or a Christmas person – love it(!), best part of the year in my opinion.

The monster fighter was really cool! I am was in love by the unique and awesome animations that loads of characters had. The little details really amaze me in the game so I loved that feature.

I would love, some how, for the animations to still be available. See possible spoiler

In this event we have had an excellent array of content to hit our games – a lot of stuff that has been requested has arrived and I am very grateful. Thank you EA! 

The store items seemed to be less exciting in my opinion but that was okay because the better items were “free” as Act prizes. The store items that seemed really good seemed over priced – but when you have stuff that has been requested quite a bit (eg. Island of Dr Hibbert) they are going to vamp up the price.

Werewolf Flanders, Death (Grim Reaper), Gravedigger Billy, Frinkenstein, return of booberella have all been requested multiple times in multiple years.

So here are the ratings:

  • Act prizes: 4/5
  • Store items: 4/5
  • Pacing: 3/5
  • Storyline: 2/5
  • Added extras: 4.5/5

Total (average): 3½ / 5 stars

Now onto something missing from this event. Something that would have changed the average rating to a 4/5. Something that could have been adorable. Some Maggie love!

If you know me then you know that Maggie is my favourite Simpsons character ever (followed closely by Mr Bergstrom, Frink and Space Coyote) so I was over the moon when we got her last Christmas – more proof that Christmas is the best time of the year! Ever since we have seen a skin for Maggie in a few of the events. A Prairie Maggie..

Bouncing Battle Baby and we even got a future based Maggie (but that was a full character and not a skin) so I was disappointed when I saw no Maggie skin for this event. 

Rigillean Maggie was a no brained if you asked me:

But would have love a Witch Maggie from the segment “Grow a costume on your face” 

There are many more Halloween, trick or treat inspired, skins that Maggie could have had. Who wouldn’t want a pirate Maggie??

But my favourite overall idea for a Maggie skin is … Moog Maggie! 

It’s flipping alliteration – it was meant to be. We already have a Clockwork Orange inspired Burns, Moe and Bart so why not add a Moog Maggie to the collection. We need it so that I can keep on watching her beat up bobo!

I guess I will forgive EA if we get a star coat Maggie this Christmas (wink wink EA!!)

Sooo… Now that I have reviewed the event and looked at the lack of love for Maggie. Quickly, what’s next? Here is my prediction/speculation:

  • Takedown app store update
  • Thanksgiving mini-event/update
  • Black Friday deals
  • Cyber Monday Gil Deal(?)
  • Christmas major event (beginning of December)


EA added a bundle of monsters to the files at the beginning of the event, along with an unused Flashback Bundle, that could be added to the store with this takedown update. Could this keep the cool character animations?

Emphasis on the could because at the moment it is ‘unreleased’ and ready to be activated.

Quite a bit crammed into one post. I actually really enjoyed writing that post. Hoped you enjoyed reading it. Please show your appreciation by leaving a comment below as every comment means a lot to us as a small blog. Have a great day tappers … Comment if you notice anything (takedown, update etc 😊) and Happy Tapping …

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  1. I want monster NPCS and monster decorations 🙂

    It is a shame Maggie didn’t get any of these outfits…yet!

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