Happy Memorial Day U. S. A. Tappers! (And Happy Day off from School UK Tappers) With all the fun for today, have you forgotten about Something, or….  Someone’s Birthday? Earlier this month we celebrated the Caring Mothers in our lives, today, we celebrate the Birthday of Agnes Skinner.


Agnes Skinner in TSTO:

Agnes Skinner was released along with Level 29 on May 10th 2013. She came into existence because Skinner was happy in a town without his Mother

, and Bart wanted to bring back his mother to upset Skinner. Agnes Skinner came with The Skinner House.


Unlock Message:


Agnes’ Outdoor Tasks:

Agnes Skinner like any great Simpsons Character has great outdoor Tasks!


Feed The Pigeons: 1 Hour


I wonder who the pigeons like more, Mona and Grampa, or Agnes?


Get Help Crossing The Street: 2 Hours


I hope this doesn’t make Kumiko Jealous…


Sweep Up The Town: 6 Hours


Agnes is Putting her Curling Skills from the Season 21 Episode, “Boy Meets Curl” to good use.


Greet Customers: 16 Hours


Agnes: Welcome to Sprawl Mart! Shut Your Yaps! Uh, Valued Customer.


Twerk Her Hip Out of Place: 4 Hours


Skinner: Mother! I can see your, figure.


Open Air Stage, The Skinner Sisters


Skinner: I want a Solo Mother!

Agnes: You’re not man enough!


Agnes also Comes With a questline called “There Are Winners and Skinners”


There Are Winners And Skinners Pt. 1


Tapped_Out_Skinner_IconMy house? Dear Lord, no. That means…


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconThought you’d gotten rid of me, did you. Now put on an apron and tidy up. Turns out limbo is pretty dusty.


Tapped_Out_Skinner_IconBut Mother…


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconNo buts, Seymour. Get to work! When I get back from Bingo tonight, the table top better be clean enough for me to see my disapproving face in it!


Task: Agnes Hustle At Bingo: 4 Hours, Church


There Are Winners And Skinners Pt. 2


Tapped_Out_Skinner_IconHow come my computer isn’t working? Mother, did you add parental controls to the internet?


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconYou’re darn tooting. There are a lot of naughty pictures in the Wikipedia.


Tapped_Out_Skinner_IconI don’t have time to fight you right now – I have to get to work…


Tapped_Out_Skinner_Icon…where no one can tell me what I can and can’t look at, because we don’t have any computers.


Task: Make Skinner Monitor The Halls: 12 Hours, Springfield Elementary


There Are Winners And Skinners Pt. 3


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconSon, I realize since I’ve come back, we haven’t spent any quality time together. So I’m forcing you to stay in and have fun with me.


Tapped_Out_Skinner_IconI was planning to do one of the many exciting activities I often do, like bird watching or going to the Kwik-E-Mart or stargazing, if that’s an option for me yet.


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconI guess this new Springfield is just like the old one – full of you disappointing me.


Tapped_Out_Skinner_Icon*sigh* Fine, Mother. I’ll stay.


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconPfft, Momma’s boy


Task: Make Agnes Do Silhouette Night: 12 Hours, Skinner House


Task: Make Skinner Do Silhouette Night: 12 Hours, Skinner House


There Are Winners And Skinners Pt. 4


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconSeymour! You’re always sneaking off to your hidey-hole.


Tapped_Out_Skinner_IconIt’s called a “school”, Mother, and it’s my job.


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconWell, I need your help with my crossword. What’s a five-letter word for “someone who fails”? I tried “Seymour”, but it doesn’t fit.


Tapped_Out_Skinner_Icon*sigh* L-O-S-E-R


Tapped_Out_Agnes_IconThanks. I knew you’d be an expert.


Task: Make Agnes do Crosswords: 8 Hours, Skinner House


Agnes also is in the Level Up Message for Level 51


Agnes Skinner’s Origins:

In the 1920s, Agnes Skinner was a old time performer who danced and did Tricks in Silent Films on Planes as a Young Woman. In The World War 2 Period, a young Agnes Skinner had to say goodbye to the man she loved, Sheldon Skinner, a member of the Flying Hellfish, who had to go fight in World War 2.

120px-Skinner_parents2 120px-Skinner_parents4

Sheldon Skinner came back, married Agnes, Agnes got pregnant with Seymour, and Sheldon went to fight in the Korean War. In the 1950s While Sheldon was fighting, Agnes was an Athlete competing in the 1952 Summer Olympic Games, where she lost a Pole Vaulting Competition because she was in the competition while she was Pregnant, and Seymour Kicked during the Vault.


After Sheldon came back again, The Skinners lived a Peaceful Life in Springfield.


Then in 1979, Sheldon Skinner passed away in a Parade Float accident. Aft Sheldon passed away, Agnes Married and Divorced Three Men, all Tow Truck Drivers. Now Agnes and her son Seymour live a peaceful life in Springfield. Who knew Agnes had such a Fascinating History!


Agnes Skinner in The Simpsons:

In Springfield, Agnes fulfills the need of that mean old woman down the street. She hates Sweets, has a distaste for Rowdy Children, and she has a really bad temper as a result of old age. Some of her famous Quotes include:


“It’s as cold as my Love for you”


“Ned Flanders: Now let us upload the holy Tweet of the Lord.
Agnes Skinner: Stop making this relatable!
Jimbo Jones: Hey! As a youth, if I don’t hear a computer word every few seconds, I’m out of here.”


“Agnes Skinner: Seymour, tell these people we’re going ahead of them.
Principal Skinner: I’m not the principal of the line, mother.
Agnes Skinner: And you never will be.”

“I’m Low on Saliva these days, so you’ll have to lick my thumb so I can turn the Page”.


And Many more!


So that’s our Post on The Birthday of Springfields Favorite old Bat, Agnes Skinner! Do you like Agnes Skinner? Interested in her history? Do you want to Live to be 116? Comment Below!

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