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Happy 4th of July: TSTO year by year!

Happy 4th of July American tappers! Hope you have a good day to celebrate the independence of America. NEW limited time banner that will be up for a few days – it will probably be taken down on the 6th when the update leaves! Just popping in for a short post reviewing year by year what EA have been doing, since the beginning of Tapped Out history, for 4th of July every year. Read on for a reminder of the basic questline plot EA brought for us each year …

I may add more details – what content was added etc – a bit later but I am really busy at the moment!

Ever since Tapped Out started EA has released a 4th of July update around this time of year.

In 4th of July 2013
Find the wiki page here
basic questline plot
Apu stocks up on 4th of July supplies and sets up a firework display! Rex Banner is then quested to be built to ‘save’ Homer and the town from the noise!

In 4th of July 2014
Find the wiki page here
basic questline plot
Homer and Lisa try to make fireworks with the aid of Guiseppe Granfinal after Apu refuses to sell his illegal fireworks with Rex Banner roaming Springfield

In 4th of July 2015
Find the wiki page here
basic questline plot
Homer safety inspects his illegal fireworks and Lisa tries to srop Kang taking over

In 4th of July 2016 – this year
basic questline plot
Homer and Ned both run for President. Homer says he will give free eagles and ends up winning only to step down due to the amount of paperwork. Quimby then remains mayor!

So … Just a quick reminder of previous years? Have a great break Americans and Happy 4th of July!

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  1. Great post as always. Happy 4th July 😀

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