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Happy 6 month Blogmentary!

Starters, sorry for lack of posts. Way too busy at the moment but will make sure to provide you with some fun posts. Anyways, back to the celebration …

Whoo Hoo!!! 🎆🎇🎉🎊

Get your party hats on because TODAY is the 6 month Blogmentary! What does that mean? Well … I decided to put blog,movement and anniversary together to make Blogmentary.

That means that 6 months a go (Half a year!) we moved this blog from tappersunited to TOuk Blog. Thanks to Tim we got our own domain and I am loving being a part of the amazing TOuk community. They have been such a big support – thank you all!

Can you believe that?? Half a year ago we started TOuk Blog. I can not get my head around it! I couldn’t think of much to do to celebrate it other than PARTY!!!


Honestly excited for the future of this blog. You definitely won’t get daily posts (that is a dreams of mine) but when you will get a post it comes with the UFS guarantee (Unique, Fun and Special).

Now for something random …

Halloweeeeeeen has just passed but Act 3 has only just started. Bit weird but we’ll go with it. Am I the only one feeling a bit christmassy?? But think about it … When this event ends, only a few weeks until the Christmas event (YEAH!). 

What have you enjoyed about the 6 months? When did you start reading? Tell me about you! Have long have you been playing?

Make this 6 month Blogmentary special by brightening my day with many comments below. Party Party, Whoop Whoop!! 🎇🎉🎊🎆

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  1. Great job on all the posts in the last six months. I haven’t been part of the Touk community for long but I am so glad I finally found it.
    I love reading all the posts on Tapped Out UK Blog. Keep up the great work Sam and Robobot 🙂

  2. It been 6 months really WOW!!!!!!!

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