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Happy Birthday Barney!

Today is officially Barney Gumble’s Birthday! Happy birthday! This also means that our favourite barfly shares his birthday with Hitler!


Barney Gumble is a fun barfly that loves hanging around with Moe and when he first hit our screens in the Simpsons Premiere ‘Simpsons roasting on an open fire’ he instantly become a success! He became a favourite character for many viewers including me. So to celebrate Barney’s Birthday I am going to give my opinion on Barney and his building in the TSTO game …

Barney is a premium character that can be brought for the price of 250 donuts! Very Pricey! So is our favourite barfly worth our donuts! I will explain my opinion on the character and use screenshots from my town to show you the lovable character in our games

Should You Buy Barney

Barney is extremely pricey which instantly put me off buying him but without Barney my town felt like there was something missing! Barney comes with the great designed Barney’s Bowlarama which is shown in my town below


Barney also comes with a fun questline and I love his animations! His favourite animation is ‘sleep in the gutter’:



If you have the donuts and you love the character Barney, and want nothing else, then this is a fun character to have in your town but if not then I would pass! Barney has fun animations and a good questline but this doesn’t really make up for the very high price! I suggest saving those donuts unless a deal comes around but I do love the character and when you run out of combos that you want I would suggest to start saving and get this character!

I am glad EA gave us this character but I really want EA to release another favourtie character for me … His mum! Mrs Gumble is a great character and really want to see her in out games!


Thanks Guys, Have you decided to get Barney? Did you know it was his birthday? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. SailorAlphaCentauri

    April 22, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    I ended up getting him right before the space event, but I didn’t take advantage of the deal at the time. I always liked him, but felt sorry for him because he became a drunk because of Homer’s influence. That, and it bothers me that the show flip flops on his sobriety. Either let him stay sober, or stay a drunk forever.

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