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Happy Birthday Hank

Another episode of birthday bash, where we wish a character or a voice actor a happy birthday!

A lot of you guys won’t know that today is Hank Azaria’s birthday! Some of you would be like ‘oh’ and I know others will be like ‘right! Who the heck is he!’ Well in this article I will be going through who is his and his importance to the show!


I think Azaria is a huge importance to the show! He plays a lot of loveable characters with a diversity of voices! The diagram below shows just how many main voices he does for the show!


I know! Busy man! How he does so many different voices wows me everytime I think about it! He is a big part of the Simpsons community and I think he deserves a lot of love on his birthday to reward him! He does a great job and if you still don’t believe that he does all those voices then watch the video below to see him in action as a few of his characters (along with Nancy Cartwright who plays Bart)…

The full version of all the voice actors:

Did you know it was Hank’s birthday? Who is your favourite character voiced by him? Tell us in the comments as we love hearing from you!

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  1. simpsons rules

    April 25, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    Love the guy and the video

  2. Moe and Frink.
    He is probably best known for his voice overs but you can still see him in other productions, not just hear his voice. I will mention Birdcage with R. Williams, N. Lane and G. Hackman 🙂

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