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Happy Birthday Homer

It’s another episode of Birthday Bash where we wish a Simpson character, voice actor or member of the cast or crew a very happy birthday! Today’s a very important day with today being Homer Simpson’s birthday. The dunce, the thick, the lovable man behind the humour of the Simpsons.

What would the show be without him? Simples: Nothing! So in the post I will break down a brief history of the birthday man whilst wishing him a happy birthday. So read on to find out more about the loveable dunce (no, not you Phil) …

A History of Homer

Homer “Jay” Simpson was raised by his parents on the Simpson’s farm untill they moved due to Homer annoying the cows. We know that Homer’s love of beer comes from the fact that his dad (Abe Simpson) would feed him beer before stopping due to some great advice from Barney to stop drinking.

Then his Mum (Mona Simpson) decided to take the family to Woodstock Music Festival …


… because she was on the run from the police. After Homer fell in love with the Hippy lifestyle his dad tried to sell him off as a soldier but failed due to his age.

In 1966 Homer, Lenny, Carl and Moe came across a corpse in the pipe down by the gorge! This shock is the reason why Homer suddenly overreacts every now and then.

In 1974, Homer fell in love with Marge (Bouvier) when he attended Springfield High School. Later they then brought an apartment where Marge received a letter telling her she got a place at collage (Congratulations!) so to pay for the prices Abe gives Homer a job at the Springfield Laser Tag …


…and Homer and his friends make a barbershop quartet. Whilst at collage Marge discovered that she wanted to go back as she truly loved Homer.

Then fast forward through some Naval services to 1979 when Marge gives birth to Bart, which makes Homer rip out most of his hair! The happy couple decide to get married at Shotgun Pete’s 24hr wedding chapel …


… and Homer tried, and failed, to get a job down at the Nuclear Plant so he decides to work at Gulp ‘n Blow. Marge then convinces him to return and then after Homer stood up to Mr Burns he finally gained a job at the Plant.

In 1981, Homer tore out the rest of his hair (except for three thin strands) due to the birth of Lisa. Homer gets lucky as they barbershop quartet (the be sharps) win a Grammy but unfortunately they decided to break the group up because Homer was missing his old life with Marge (Awww)

So that is a brief history of the loveable oaf! I couldn’t include everything but included the stuff that maybe explained why he is what he is today! So now let’s sing:

Happy Birthday to you
We love what you do
Your fat and your funny
Happy Birthday to you!

So thank you to all the amazing crew that have brought Homer to life and giving us the gift of the Simpsons Love! Have a great day everybody and Happy Birthday Homer!

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  1. Joins in…
    *Happy Birthday to you
    We love what you do
    Your fat and your funny
    Happy Birthday to you!*

  2. Some issues.
    Beer section makes no sense. Abe gave him whiskey as a sleep aid.
    Lenny and Carl were friends with Homer before the corpse in the drain pipe.
    The correct term is hippie.
    The barbershop quartette is called B Sharps.

    • tappersunited

      May 12, 2016 at 4:17 pm

      Will edit! I put that the barbershop quartet was named b sharps but only at the end. Thank you

  3. Hey Sam, great post. D….. you know who thanks you too, even though he has no idea what for . 🙂

  4. Great post Sam!

    • tappersunited

      May 12, 2016 at 12:58 pm

      Thanks! Love all your posts on Addicts and REALLY appreciate you reading my blog!! Thx so much 🙂

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