Happy Wednesday Tappers! Today it’s
The Birthday of Homer’s Mom, Mona!


Mona was a powerful Woman, who fought for what she believed in, and was a Inspiration to everyone around her. (except for Mr. Burns) So Today we will be celebrating her!

Mona Simpson’s History:

Mona Simpson met a Young Air Force pilot named Abe Simpson in the 1950s, where she worked at a Air force bar, and was known as Sunny.

In the late 1950s, Mona married Abe.

Then, Mona cheated on Abe with a Lifeguard (Abe had married a Carnival Worker and had a son before they were married, so I guess it makes them even, IDK 😛) In the 1960s, Mona gave birth to a baby boy, named Homer.

Homer was a very accident prone and friendly child, and Mona enjoyed Taking care of him.

Mona then became Interested in Hippie Activism, and Took Homer to Woodstock Festival. Then, one night, Mona and her hippie friends had snuck into Mr. Burns’ Germ lab. When her and her friends escaped, they trampled Mr. Burns. Instead of running, Mona stopped, and helped Mr. Burns up, Mr. Burns returned her kindness, by making her go on the run, and she had to leave her family (most importantly Homer) behind.


Mona stayed with her Hippie friends at the Groovy Grove Farm, painting Murals of Young Homer, and sending a care package to him every week.

Abe had young Homer believe Mona was dead, and in his adulthood, Homer discovered that Mona, was not dead.

Mona went home with Homer, and met his family. Mona immediately bonded with Lisa, as a kindred spirit. It was later revealed to the family that she was on the run, and had to use Fake names while on the run. My favorite was Muddy Mae Suggins lol

Later, Mr. Burns had found her, after finding a wanted poster of her at the post office.

Mona, with the help of Homer and Chief Wiggum, escaped once more.

Then in The Season 10 episode “My Mother the Carjacker” Homer read a secret message in a newspaper, telling Homer to meet her under the bridge. The family is reunited with Homer, until Mr. Burns baits her into going out In the public, and places her under arrest. Homer then gets evidence, clearing her name, or so it would seem, it turns out Mona, while on the run, had put a fake name on a National Park sign in sheet, which was against the law. Mona was in a prison truck, when Homer snuck in to break her free. He had succeeded, but Police Cars were after them, so Mona tazed Homer, and kicked him out of the bus so he could escape. Mona then Drove the bus into a ravine, with a Rock Slide completely covering the bus. Homer thought she was dead, but luckily, she had narrowly escaped the bus, and left Homer another message, which he did not see.

Then in the Season 19 episode “Mona Leaves-A” Mona once again returns to Springfield, but Homer’s tired of Mona leaving and coming back, and doesn’t want himself to be hurt be her leaving again. Homer then feels bad, and when he goes to apologize, he discovers, that Mona has passed away. :'( Mona is cremated, and the Simpsons discover that Mona left Bart her Swiss Army knife, Lisa her rebellious spirt, (Lisa steals her earrings because she wants a Material thing, so much for being a Buddhist Lol) Marge a Purse made of hemp, and Homer with a task to Release her Ashes at 3:00 PM. Homer releases the Ashes, and it goes and disrupts Mr. Burns’ Missile Launch System, fulfilling her final wish.

Then, Homer was having a bedwetting problem, so the Simpsons go into the dream world to find out why, and in Homer’s dreams, they meet Mona, and she reveals to them, that Homer thought that Abe and Mona were mad at each other, because of a fishing trip Homer had as a child with Abe, where Homer almost drowned. It turns out that Mona and Abe actually bonded over taking care of Homer after that incident. Mona then tells her final goodbye to Homer and his family.

Mona In TSTO:

In The Valentines Day 2016 Update, Mona finally returned to Springfield as a ghost, and now lives there permanently, with her family. (Sky finger will make sure Mr. Burns doesn’t bother her lol) I just wish Mona had a joint task with Homer. She’s Homer’s Mom, and it’s disappointing to not really see them interact in TSTO.

What’s your opinion on Mona? Enjoying Superheroes Part 2? Comment below!

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