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Happy Birthday Robobot!

Today is the special day for Robobot! It’s his birthday – WhooHoo!

Robobot started as a writer when he emailed us – I say us but it was just me – with an interest for being a writer. We went through the interview stuff, admin trouble and 1 week later he had his intro post up.

I am so glad he became a part of the team. Happy Birthday 🎊😊🎆

Be sure to send some birthday love and maybe some comments on his writing style. Down below …

Ralph is right! Lol

On other news, yes there will be topical event stuff. But with WiFi problems starting the event it was hard to get posts up. Look out for event posts very soon … Happy tapping

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to yooooooou ♡

  3. Happy birthday

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