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Happy Earth Day

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the cowboy update so far, but I wanted to remind you about today! Today is Earth Day! You might have forgotten with all the event commotion but I know Lisa didn’t.


Today is a day to remember mother nature in all her former glory! And I am going to go through my two favourite eco themed Simpson episodes for a tribute to today!

Lisa the Tree-Hugger


This was the first episode to feature Jesse Grass, the teenage writer of dirt flirt magazine, and the plot goes like this …
Lisa and the family end up going to Krusty Burger when they find 3 cows on the roof protesting that Krusty is wasting paper for the menus and that they are killing several innocent animals. One of the cows is Jesse Grass and Lisa is so inspired that when Jesse goes to jail for protesting, she goes and visits. Then Lisa ends up falling in love with Jesse and she tries and impresses him by living up Springfield oldest tree (World’s Largest Redwood) to stop people cutting it down!

Lisa the vegetarian


This tales the heart-warming story of how the Simpsoms Family go to a petting zoo and Lisa falls in love with a cute lamb! Then later that evening Marge serves up lamb chops for tea! Lisa realises the connection and because she thinks it is wrong she decides to become a vegetarian!

So now that is tree-hugging in the show what about our games!
Well we have been given events with characters like Jesse Grass …


… and we also have the world’s largest redwood quest which you can unlock the tree-hugger skin for Lisa but EA have never released a mini-event, quest or new items to celebrate Earth Day!

So here is …

Marge’s Challenges
This is the first Marge Challenge but basically every now and then in posts, at the bottom there will be a Marge challenge. This will be a fun challenge to have a go at in your game, so here is the first one …

Get your tree-hugging rating to 5 stars


Get your Worlds Largest Redwood to the highest level

If you have already done those then you are a true tree-hugger in your game! So … Have you done or going to do the challenges? Did I not mention an eco based episode favourite of yours? I LOVE hearing from you so answer in the comments below and enjoy the event!

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  1. simpsons rules

    April 22, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Did both lol

  2. Lol I am a true tree hugger! Not just in game but real life too ♡

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