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Happy National Donut Day!

As our Springfield has gone saucy ol’ Gil is back with some fun offers to woo you over! Explore where Donut Day came from in this fun and unique post!


Donut Day in TSTO

Gil has appeared in our Springfield begging on his knees with the icon image above his head.

He’s tempting you with money Donut treaties and we even get a FREE donut tray and a FREE taster of the donut rain unlocked by buying the Donut Boat.




So bust open those donut wallets and even try and make your own donut area!

Where did Donut Day come from?

You may think that today is just a random day made up by either EA or the Simpsons to put a random Gil Deal out but today actually has a meaning! So let’s explore the origin of … Donut Day:

Donut Day is an American originated day on the first Friday of June (so it’s today this year!) and even though it might seem a fun time to scoffle down as many sprinklies as you …


… today is actually a day to honour the many people who handed out Donuts to soldiers in Word War 1!

It started in 1938 as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army from Chicago. It was a way to raise money and awareness of the generous “lassies” who would go and serve donuts to the soldiers fighting in the war!


Selling donuts was an idea started in 1917 to set up many huts that were arranged throughout bases where women would serve the soldiers other delicious treats. But a shortage of ingredients and supplies meant that they couldn’t serve up many of the treats they had to offer so two Salvation Army volunteers (Ensign¬†Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant¬†Helen Purviance) came up with the idea of serving doughnuts! “Doughnut Girls” were the name or the women handing out the donuts – I know … Original name!

The Salvation Army in Chicago still use National Donut Day as a fundraising day and many other places globally use this day to remember the brave women who played a massive part in assisting the soldiers but others use today as an excuse to eat as many donuts as possible!

So are you getting any Gil Deal items? Did you know the origins of Donut Day? Having a donut fest today? Comment below and don’t forget to remeber the origins of today! Happy Tapping …

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  1. Also in the USA if you go to a donut shop you get a free donut of your choice.

  2. Simpsons rule

    June 3, 2016 at 10:55 am

    All people in USA happy DONUT DAY and all people in UK happy FISH AND CHIPS Day also I bought the truck

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