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Happy New Year!

Just a really quick post to wish every single one of our a very happy new year. I think it is fair to say 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year with politics, celebrity deaths and even in the game BUT 2016 has gone so let’s look towards 2017 as I am sure it will be a lot better.

I did a YouTube video, on my channel, for the New Year – explaining what you can expect from the channel that I hope to build up in 2017:

(There is quite a bit of background ambience. Sorry. I was speaking quietly because of a cold – slowly recovering)

Please subscribe if you like the channel. The more support, the more motivated I am to keep working on that.

2017, in TSTO, will be kick started by, IMHO, a really cool mini-event that introduces some really cool characters and items so SAVE YOUR DONUTS because that starts 3rd January (so only a few days to wait!).

Let’s make this a positive year guys (#stopthehate) and respect EA for what they do – a lot! Thank you everyone for the support in 2016, I had an amazing year thanks to all of you – let’s make 2017 bigger and better.

Have a great day, whatever you are doing, and use this opportunity to start a fresh. I don’t know what it is about the new year but I definitely feel fresh 😁. Take a more positive approach to life and the game – you will find yourself enjoying the moment more. Happy Tapping …

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  1. Happy new year Sam and the gang and also hope get better btw also since new year can we forgive and forget and let me join TOuk again pls

  2. Happy New Year Happy Tapper!
    I’m also looking forward to the mini event and a New Year full of positivity 🙂

  3. Happy New Year, Sam! 🙂

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