Hey Tappers! I know most that this blog is called Tapped Out UK, but I thought it would be fun to say happy Thanksgiving! As I live in America, I do celebrate Thanksgiving, as a time for giving thanks, and spending time with family. So even if you don’t live in America, it would be nice to give thanks for all that you are thankful for. 

We got a little gift in the game and a few returning items.

Sam opinion: Pick up Mrs Bouvier! She’s great and a net price of 95🍩 is great for a funny combo that comes with a voiced character.

Now for a message from Sam:

Hey gobblers! Hope you are all doing fine. Being British, there isn’t much Thanksgiving talk at all. I still use it as a day to reflect on what I am thankful for (a life, family, food, water, TSTO – can you spot the one I could live without? Trick question, I couldn’t live without any 😉).
I am a big fan of history so Thanksgiving is also a time for me to spruce up and refresh my American history but we all know my puritan knowledge comes from that Wettest Stories Ever Told segment (seriously – I loved it).
I really do hope that all my US pals out there have a great day. Gobble til you wobble 😉.
And for people worldwide: take this as a day to be truely grateful that you live in a privelliged world. Maybe take the time to write down all the amazing stuff in your life and you will be surprised at how the major and minor stuff really does affect your life. HT out! 🙋

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Tell me what you’re thankful for in the comments below! 🙂 

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