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Homer gone holy in NEW mini-event

The snow is still falling in Springfield as Winter still hangs around in the New Year. To kick-start 2017 EA has given us a ‘Homer the Heritic’ mini-event to work our way through. This event, honestly, looks really cool – in my opinion. It has introduced some really fun, and requested, characters along with a theme based upon an episode that was titled #1 episode in a list spotlighted by Addicts

I don’t want to give much info because bigger sites are better for that content – I recommend this site for reference and I am sure that Addicts will have a post up. I like to do these ‘update gone live’ for news and reference for a Polaroid style journey.

Useful Links (to be added to):

If you haven’t already then Homer the Heritic is a much watch for any playing the game. Or a rewatch must!

This update is in the form of a mini-event (become the norm for gap fillers) where you unlock prizes, as rewards, for completing the parts of a main questline. 

Look out for some origin posts, thank you letter posts and some speculation (maybe more!) coming your way, January 2017.

Thank you very much for this update, EA! In the inspirational words of McDonalds …

Happy Tapping…

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