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All you Need to Know: Homerlayas!

So in between the fun Frontier craze we received the unexpected Level 60 and beyond level update which brought Level 60 – the last level update – and hundreds of more levels to complete for donuts but no new items and questlines are added for each level!

To help make leveling up fun EA added 1 free donut for every new level, a funny – mostly random – level up message and some mountain upgrades!

In this post I will be giving you the laydown of:

– What the Homerlayas are
– Where did the Homerlayas come from
– Walkthrough on how to unlock the first starting Homerlayas
– Dialogue and reward for each Homerlayas upgrade

So how do you unlock them?

First you will need to receive the item by completing Card Handy.

Card Handy is the questline that comes with Raphael (Wise Guy) and the Googolplex theatre.

Card Handy Pt 8

Blue Haired Lawyer: Tapped Out players: please be advised that the part in the last scene about taxing higher level players was a joke. You’ve been given your $1,000 back.
Homer: Ha! I knew this whole thing was a hoax! It was probably the April Fool’s update that accidentally got released early. Or late. What month is this?
Blue Haired Lawyer: Actually, the level updates ending wasn’t a hoax. There really won’t be any more. You’ll still be able to “level up,” but you won’t get any new buildings or characters by doing so.
Homer: So there are still “levels”… but all they are is a meaningless number?
Blue Haired Lawyer: That’s right. And as a sign of gratitude, you’ll also get a small prize.
Homer: …
System Message: You have been awarded a massive monument of Homer for completing the first 60 levels of Tapped Out.

Place the Homerlayas

Quimby: As thanks for his help rebuilding our town, Homer’s face will be forever carved into the mountains above Springfield.
Homer: Woohoo!
Lisa: But what about the environmental effects of carving the mountains? There could be an endangered species up there!
Quimby: You know Lisa, er uh, we were thinking of putting your face up there too.
Lisa: Really? Now that I think about it, I bet endangered animals would like living on carved mountains.
System Message: Level up enough to unlock the entire family!


This is an item that has to be placed on the mountain range (like the Springfield Height Tunnel) and once you press the tick you will see homer alone in the mountains.

The Homerlayas are based of the couch gag from Lost Verizon which commemorated Mount Rushmore:

Lost Verizon Couch Gag

How do I upgrade these?

You upgrade them by reaching significant levels depending on the family member added to the mountains. The family members are arranged in a pattern so you can’t place each separate family member in a different place due to each member just adds a different “skin” to the homerlayas.

Here is the basic upgrade info:

You unlock Lisa after reaching level 138

You unlock Bart after reaching level 223

You unlock Marge after reaching level 419

You unlock Maggie (whole family!) after reaching level 742


So now here is the more detailed dialogue walkthrough for each upgrade.


After reaching level 138

Milestone 138

Homer: It’s the level 138 spectacular! And this time Lisa, you’re joining the family!
Lisa: What are you talking about? I was in the 138th Episode Spectacular.
Homer: No. We did that variety show and you were replaced by some older girl, remember?
Lisa: That was the Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase! It was episode 177.
Homer: 177?! I can’t wait that long! Let’s just do this now!
System Message: You have received an upgrade for The Homerlayas. Enjoy! Keep it up!


After reaching level 200

Milestone 200

Homer: Woo-hoo, level 200! We must get a reward for that, right? A new head on the mountain or something?

Homer: Stupid game.


After reaching level 233

Milestone 223

Homer: Ooh, level 223 is significant because Bart’s birthday is on February 23rd.
Bart: No, it’s not. It’s not even close.
Homer: Are you sure? A lot of people tweeted that it was, including Rolling Stone and the Chicago Tribune.
Bart: Since when do you read the Chicago Tribune?
Homer: Hey, I’ll read anything under 140 characters.
System Message: In honor of 02/23 NOT being Bart’s birthday, enjoy this upgrade to The Homerlayas!


After reaching level 300

Milestone 300

Homer: Woo-hoo, it’s level 300! And we’re not getting anything for it… AGAIN!


After reaching level 419

Milestone 419

Marge: It’s 419, or April 19th! That’s the anniversary of our family’s first short.
Quimby: This seems like as good a time as any to add your head to the mountain.
Selma: Where did you ever find enough rock to build Marge’s giant hair?
Quimby: It was easy, we just hollowed out the other heads.
Patty: I would have assumed the one on the left was already empty.
System Message: In honor of the day before Barney’s birthday, enjoy this upgrade to The Homerlayas!


After reaching level 742

Milestone 742

Homer: Ah, 742 Evergreen Terrace is starting to feel a lot like home. But who’s still missing from the mountain?
Maggie: *suck* *suck*
System Message: You have received the final upgrade for The Homerlayas. Enjoy!

This isn’t to do with Homerlayas but it is to do with why the levels have stopped at level 939 and milestones:

After reaching level 939

Milestone 939

Bart: Level 939, why is the game stopping here? I thought it was going to level infinity.
Lisa: Well, technically you can never get to infinity — you can only approach it.
Bart: Give it a rest brainiac. You know what I meant.
System Message: In honor of reaching the area code of Springfield, we’re not doing the level thing anymore.

So that’s all the information you will need to guide you through the Homerlayas! Remember the event ends tonight (1:00 BST) so the next update will be with the takedown – hopefully up by BST morning – so are you excited for that? Do you find the Homerlayas cool? Did you like the Level 60 update or are you annoyed about the stop of level updates? Sound off below fellow tappers …

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  1. I unlocked Lisa homerlayas level 138. Just noticed that she’s missing! Could be after I placed the second tunnel? Tried storing tunnels to see if she reappears but she didn’t. Any ideas really appreciated

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