A new update deserves a new banner (look above) and with the new banner and update comes a new policy here at TOuk Blog! So read on to find out the basics for the fun update and what we pledge to do for you …


New Policy

We hope to give you a unique experience with this blog! We strive to give you basic information, to gently guide you through, but we aim to post fun and unique content!

If you would like quick walkthroughs then I highly recommend reading Em’s quick quest walkthroughs over at TOuk (find them here along with fun games assorted through many TOuk users)

We want to stand out and give you posts like no other blogs! Don’t worry … We will still provide you with the basics, and All you Need to Know posts, but we will present this in a different manner!

So what can you expect:

– The origins of … Delve into our favourite cartoon show to explore where items came from!

– Dialogue Decipher – Find the hidden meanings, origins and references hidden in questlines but mainly the dialogue!

– Birthday Bashes – Celebrate a character’s or cast’s birthday!

– Oh, the possibilities – Explore hidden fun in our tiny towns with hints of speculation. Delve into what could enter our games

– Episode Overviews and Episode Playlists – Get the rundown of episodes, our opinions and episode you should watch depending on the current event, season, date etc!

– Top 10s – Countdown our favourite of a certain topics!

The classics (do you remember these from the early blog?):

– Frink Facts
– Cookie Kwans Design Help
– What we wanna see
– Diary of a Springfielder

And so much more

So look forward to a NEW and unique experience coming soon … To a blog near you!

NEW UPDATE – Homer’s Chiliad

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here! Oh no … Homer has just gone off and entered the Chili Cook Off (again!) and he is recruiting skyfinger!

Springfield has gone spicy with a mini-event that hit today with all-new content!


It works like the Fire Department and Deep Space Homer where you work through a questline to unlock prizes – Mini events!

Which characters are needed for the whole mini-event:

It starts with a few 6s tasks for homer and then you will need Moe, Lenny, Carl, Apu and Homer to earn currency (peppers) and you will need Homer, Cletus, Mr Burns and Wiggum for the questline.

There are also 3 items in the store:



– Pro-Shop combo with Space Coyote
120 donuts and produces peppers (mine does not produce peppers but normal payout)!



– Ajax Steel Mill (returning from Gay Pride Month 2015)
Costs 150 donuts and you get 50 donuts back (100 net price!)



– Five Alarm Chili and Devil Flanders (Ned Skin)
120 donuts if you don’t have Devil Flanders (combo)
75 donuts if you have Devil Flanders (just the stand alone)

(SPOILER: Seeing what is coming tomorrow I would save those donuts until after you see what is coming tomorrow – BIGGER SPOILER: A Gil Deal!)

There is also a mini-game unlocked when you reach the end!

So there are the basics, all you need to start you off! Excited to see the Space Coyote in our games? Glad to see a summer themed (ish) mini event? Getting any of the items? Reply below … Enjoy and Happy Tapping!

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