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Insanity Mode Leaderboard!

Wow it’s getting hot in here with the new mini-event! With the mini-event came a new mini-game named Insanity Mode!

You unlock the mini-game after completing the questline and prizeline. There will be a task to try insanity mode after mini-event completion.

A full post will reveal the analysis of how many pills and items you get for turtles and more insanity mode details …


So a lot of people are nearing or have finished the event so I wanted to publish this post so that there is plenty of time, before the event end, for people to join in!


1st Place: Minicha (from TOuk) with 106 turtles – that’s an average of 3.6 (1dp) turtles tapped every second!

2cd: – Drew (from TOuk) – 40 turtles
3rd: –Sam/HappyTapper – 39 turtles
4th: –Suetopia – 30 turtles
5th: –Brooders – 24 turtles

6th: –
7th: –
8th: –
9th: –
10th: –

So just comment below with your score and it would be good if you could post a screenshot! So have fun, get competitive, comment below and Happy Tapping …

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  1. Simpsons rule

    June 9, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    I got 24 turtles

  2. Simpsons rule

    June 8, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    I nearly finish the questions so I post mine

  3. Em’s score was 69. 🙂 (I’ll Post mine once I Unlock Insanity Mode) you should post your score Sam!

  4. Nice post Sam! Don’t forget to comment your score Tappers!

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