Winter has arrived in our pocket-sized towns and due to the introduction of aliens and a multitude of religeons (sounds truly Simpsons!), we – of course – have content that will be hitting the stores on selected days. Looking ahead to the spoilers there are some really fun items to come – a lot that I requested in my 2017 Wishlist – and even though most of the great content is in the prizes (which is great!), there are still some fun items to hit in our stores and because people seem to find the Item Calendars helpful, I thought I’d do it again for this wonderful Winter event.

This post contains SPOILERS so please only read on if you don’t mind the SPOILERS

If you would like to see more of what’s coming in this event then go to THIS SimpsonsWiki post that is being updated as LP as we speak.

Seeing as there is quite a bit of content hitting on the days of each new act, I decided to leave those images out – as well as returning items – but see information below the calendar for more information …

Item Calendar

Christmas calendar

Content Hitting at the Start of each Act

New Content is in Bold – Returning Content is in Italics

Act 1 – Winter Wonderland Mystery Box, Manger w/J. Rigellian Christ, Rigellian Queen Festive Facade, Elf Lisa and Elf Bart, North Pole Station bundleNorth Pole Monorail Accessory Bundle, Fairy Kodos

File:J. Rigellian Christ.pngFile:Elf Lisa.pngFile:Elf Bart.pngFile:North Pole Monorail Accessory Bundle.png

Also the Holiday Bazaa – which you can read about here – that get’s added to throughout the event – see Dates!

Act 2 – Shiva, Temple Beth Springfield w/Rabbi Krustofsky



Credit: SimpsonsWiki

Date (All times are 7am GMT) Event
12/5-1/2 Event, Winter Wonderland Mystery Box, Manger w/J. Rigellian Christ, Rigellian Queen Festive Facade, 25-Pack of Wrapping Paper,
50-Pack of Wrapping Paper, 75-Pack of Wrapping Paper, Elf Lisa and Elf Bart, North Pole Station bundle (North Pole Station, North Pole Monorail Extension,
North Pole Station Awning, North Pole Station Platform and North Pole Station Stairs), North Pole Monorail Accessory Bundle (North Pole Monorail Extension,
North Pole Station Awning, North Pole Station Platform and North Pole Station Stairs), Fairy Kodos
12/5-12/19 Act 1
12/5-12/16 Holiday Bazaar: Egg Nog Bar, Grampa Snowman, Elf Home, Rigellian Tribal Hut, Pagan Bonfire, Rigellian Chalk Outline, Rigellian Shrub,
Festive Trashcan Fire, The Wiccans, Fancy Igloo, Medium Iceberg, Snowball II Snowcat, Pagan Fence, Small Pagan Tent, Cult Flying Saucer
12/7-12/13 Santa’s Plane Sled, Baby Gerald
12/8-12/14 Snake Eating Rudolph
12/9-12/15 Eski-Moe’s, Xmas Trees Slightly Irregular
12/11-1/2 The Peak Inn
12/11-12/17 Toy Workshop and Toy Workshop Bell bundle (Toy Workshop and Toy Workshop Bell)
12/13-12/19 Chinese Restaurant, Human Test Subject
12/15-1/2 Christmas Tree Ralph
12/15-12/21 Springfield Animal Shelter
12/16-12/22 Holiday Bazaar: Marge Snowman, Exotic Petting Zoo, Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog, Wooly Bully, Patches and Poor Violet, Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene,
Large Iceberg, Imaginary Bear, Reindeer, Holiday Tree, Flanders Frozen Car, Dunk the Monk, Murdered Snowman, Christmas Float, Lisa Snowman, Fever Cabin
12/17-12/24 Fortress of Lonelitude
12/18-1/2 Brother Faith Van w/Brother Faith
12/19-1/2 Act 2, Shiva, Temple Beth Springfield w/Rabbi Krustofsky
12/20-1/2 White Witch Burns
12/20-12/26 Heavenly Swing Set w/Jesus Christ
12/21-1/2 Stable at the Inn, Radiant B.S. Station
12/22-1/2 Claus Co., Rotating Religious Holo-Statue
Holiday Bazaar: Ice God, Devil Float, Old Tree Spirit, Bonestorm Santa, “Christmas” Totem Pole, Christmas Clams $50 a Pound, Duff Beer Tree,
Candy Kevin, Devil Snowman, Destroyed Holiday Wheel, Fir Is Murder Christmas Tree, Dunking Device, Giant Burning Goat, Burns Fever Snowman
12/23-1/2 Tire Fireplace, Annual Gift Man, Portal to Rigel 7
12/25-1/2 Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice
12/30-1/2 Last Chance: Santa’s Plane Sled, Snake Eating Rudolph, Eski-Moe’s, Chinese Restaurant

Click the link for the SimpsonsWiki version

So I hope you found this Spoiler post useful. Enjoying this event? Looking forward to any particular items? Enjoying the Blog Countdown Calendar? Let me know your  thoughts below and Happy Tapping!

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