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Let’s make 2018, the Year of Happiness

As 2017 draws to a close and the new year is dauntingly noticeable on the horizon, I thought I’d talk about something that I enjoy talking about so I do hope this post inspires something in you today.

Happiness. What is Happiness? PhyscologyToday describes happiness as “… a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life—that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction” and also includes that “Research shows that happiness is not the result of bouncing from one joy to the next; achieving happiness typically involves times of considerable discomfort” – which we’ll look at later.

Happiness comes around differently for different people. Some people say money gives them happiness, but is it the money that is providing the happiness? Money often provides happiness through freedom, seeing as you don’t have to worry about stuff like food, housing, clothing etc. But Money can’t buy everything. Many celebs suffer with loneliness, depression and a lack of happiness despite their amounts of money and I often find myself loving this Jim Carrey quote …

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But why am I talking about happiness? Maybe you struggle with being positive and find this guy, titled “HappyTapper”, extremely annoying. Maybe you’ve had a hard past and struggle to see this world of darkness so lightly. And I understand that!

I understand that some people are just born and raised more negatively and I’m not here to tell you off for having negative thoughts because even I have dark thoughts, I suffer with anxiety and really struggle with liking others and myself quite a bit of the time. And it’s that darkness that has brought me the light. If I had never fallen, I never would have experience the pleasure of getting up and experiencing the highs.

“If I had never fallen, I never would have experience the pleasure of getting up and experiencing the highs”

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“So I’m allowed to feel negative?” – I hear you ask. Yes … of course you are! You’re allowed to feel whatever way you want. You can’t change your emotions and if Disney Pixar’s Inside Out has taught me anything, it teaches that each emotion is important and research has shown that negative thoughts are actually necessary for feeling good.

You should NEVER bottle up your emotions. Find a person – or group of people – that you’re comfortable being honest around and let them know how you feel, but – most importantly – be honest with yourself.

So … Yes, it’s okay to feel negative but No, I don’t think, it’s okay to be unnecessarily negative and hateful towards people. You’re not going to make your light brighter by blowing someone else’s out. So let’s make 2018 the year where we lighten our match and be the one to relight a blown out candle because this world is full of darkness and people that are ready to blow out candles for no reason so don’t be the person to join in.

“You’re not going to make your light brighter by blowing someone else’s out”

Feeling negative and want to be rude to people? Have you tried smiling?

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I used to have a friend that could tell when I was feeling negative and she wouldn’t annoyingly ask me what’s the matter, she would just smile and encourage me to smile. It would often make me laugh and feel so much better.

“Use your smile to change the world, Don’t let the world change your Smile” – unknown author

Have you tried walking? I try to walk once a day because the crisp air at this time of year is so refreshing and it blows my mind to walk past such beauties of nature – from the millions of individual blades of grass to the delicate shapes and colours of the flowers – happiness is all around you in the form of nature and nature will never blow out your candle.

The Benefits of Walking: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/health-benefits-walking/

Beauty and the “Silver Lining” is all around you so look for it and if you really do struggle with “Looking on the Bright Side” then read posts like THIS ONE and find someone to be honest with.

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Maybe it’s the people in your life that are making you feel down. Have a few people you cling on for friends but they teasingly insult you? Well maybe it’s time to say …

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because you’re going to struggle to turn on the light switch of happiness when there’s a group of people holding you back. Surround yourself with people who like you, accept you for who YOU are because there is noone as beautiful, powerful and unique as yourself when you are being the true you.

“There is no one as beautiful, powerful and unique as yourself when you are being the true you”

I’m going to try and start everyday of 2018 with a positive mind. If I feel negative, I’m not going to bottle it down and I’m going to wear my smile and give the inspiration to others, that would brighten myself up if I was feeling down – because you never know what friend or stranger will be encouraged by your smile or happiness.

Happiness isn’t going to be zapped TO you, it’s going to come FROM you, so walk with the power of happiness and be the one to relight the blown out candles of the dark times. What’s the point in hating people that hate you when you can love the people that love you? Make 2018 the year of love, happiness, hope and know that it’s okay not to be okay.

I really do hope this post hasn’t been too “all over the place” – I just really wanted to talk about a lot that’s been on my mind at the moment. With Christmas just around the corner let’s get up and face 2018 head on because a year of darkness can only come from a lack of light.

“let’s get up and face 2018 head on because a year of darkness can only come from a lack of light”

Enjoy your holidays and Happy Tapping! …

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  1. ❤️

  2. Great link on the benefits of walking 🙂

    Walking has become part of my fitness routine over the last year and I am happy to say that it has really helped my overall fitness 🙂

    Also it has really helped my mental fitness! Sometimes I go out for a walk to stomp away the frustration of my day other times I just enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of my surroundings.

    • I’ve found myself walking a lot this year whether it be walking to school, walking the dog or walking to clear a headache and it truly does help just to clear your head with a breathe of fresh air – thank you for the lovely comments x

  3. I absolutely love this post Sam 🙂
    The quotes are absolutely spot on 🙂
    I am ready to make 2018 a year of happiness 😀

  4. Sam that IS a beautifully written piece.

    Merry Christmas to you and a happy New year ♥

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